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Fic- Love is...

Urgh, couldn't rest until this one was out of my head. No idea why.

Title- Love is...
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who
Pairing- mentions ten/Reinette (GGrrrr)
Rating- PG/T/WE
Summary- Set after GitF (Can you tell I hate this episode?)

Love is…

“Come on, you can show me around.” Mickey pulls at her but she won’t leave.

She can see it in his eyes, lurking behind the playful brown orbs, a hidden pain; a pain he won’t show.

“Yeah, in a minute,” Rose nods and gestures for him to go towards the door.

Mickey hesitates for a long moment, knowing full well that the Doctor wants to be left alone. He doesn’t want to deal with a jealous teenage girl and her insecurities.

“Rose,” he mutters under his breath and she shakes her head.

Mickey takes a breath and walks out of the control room, not wanting to see the scene that he’s sure will follow.

Rose says nothing and listens as his footsteps echo away in the TARDIS, her eyes following the Doctor.

He moves slowly around the TARDIS controls, his movements forced and exaggerated.

“So, where shall we go next?” he says with a light heartedness that he doesn’t feel.

“Stop.” Her voice is so quiet that he almost doesn’t catch it.

He might as well not have for all the attention that he pays towards it.

“Maybe we should take dear old Mickey to Rome, ancient Rome, or maybe Mars, we could...”

Rose moves in front of him and stills his gesturing arms. He looks away.

“Rose,” he warns. “Don’t, just don’t.”

“You don’t have to pretend,” she urged. “Not with me.”

“And what makes you so special?” he snaps and immediately feels bad when she winces. “Sorry, Rose, I didn’t mean—”

“No, you’re right.” Her hands tighten as she pushes away her own pain. “I’m not; but she was special, at least to you, and that makes her worthy of remembering. She loved you.”

He tightens his jaw. “Rose.”

“Isn’t she worth a few words? Tears?” Rose swallows. “I met her too, you now, she was great.”

He looks away, unable to keep looking at her face. “I didn’t even know her a day.”

“She knew you her entire life,” Rose argues, feeling her heart ache as a devastated look sweeps over his face. “Trusted you, believed in you.”

“I let her down.”

“Never.” Rose’s voice is so confident that he is startled into looking into her eyes.

“She waited for me forever, Rose, until the end of her life, and I never came! You say she loved me, maybe she did, but what is love, Rose? Waiting forever for a man who won’t come back?” Tears swim in his eyes. Tears that she didn’t think he was capable of.

Tears for another woman.

“You would have, if it had been possible and she knew that. Even waiting a lifetime for you, she knew that! She loved you enough to wait, to make sure.”

He shakes his head quickly.

“She told me,” Rose confesses, “she said that you were worth the monsters. A lifetime of horror for a few moments with you.”

“Is that what love is? Hopeless dreams? Wasting the small life she had? She would have been better to … to …”

His shoulders trembles and Rose lifts a hand to touch him. “It’s okay.”

He closes his eyes as tears tracked down his face and Rose pulls him into a loose embrace.

He clings to her as he cries in earnest, shedding tears for a woman he knew a day, a woman he could have loved, a woman who went to her death waiting for her lonely angel.

They fall to the floor as Rose isn’t strong enough to hold his weight and he sobs into her shoulder, his eyes closed, not seeing the heart-broken woman holding him.

Rose doesn’t mind because this is what love is.

Love is holding the man you love whilst he cries for another.
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