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Fic- Go On Part 2

I really had no intention of continuing the fic but so many people said that it wasn't finished that I've decided to carry on. Hope you like.

Title- Go On part 2
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who
Pairing- Ten/ Rose (poss). Rose/ TARDIS (in a non-freaky way)
Rating- T/PG/PGF/YT
Disclaimer- I only borrow them to make them cry
Summary- Rose finds someone to talk to about her feelings.

It was the voice that eventually drew him to the rear of the TARDIS. He had expected Rose to be long asleep and had decided to wander around to lull himself to sleep. Not that he needed much of it. 

He walked down one long corridor and was met with an odd feeling of needing to go back. The TARDIS often did this to discourage people from going where they weren’t wanted, but that had never stopped the Doctor and he forged ahead, far more curious now. 

He paused as he heard the voice coming from a room he’d never seen and he peered inside. 

It was a large round room with one leather chair set to one side with a wooden table next to it. There was no other furniture and the walls shone a soft gold, like the central control panel. 

It was soothing and warm, like Christmas Eve in front of a fire.. 

Sitting in the leather chair in her pyjamas, wrapped in a deep red blanket and nursing a cup of hot chocolate, was Rose. 

She was laughing, her head thrown back and blonde hair hanging by her face. 

He loved the sweet happy look on her face and felt a pang as he realised he hadn’t really seen it of late. But who was she laughing with? 

Mickey was fast asleep, the Doctor could hear him snoring from down the corridor and it was impossible for them to have a stow-away. Maybe she was ringing her mum? 

He peered around. 

There was no one else in the room and she wasn’t on her phone. He frowned as she started talking again. 

“So then Jack was all “We gotta run, gotta Gorratokka Tuntail on our tail.” Course then we was laughing so hard we couldn’t run! And the monster just, like, stood there, totally confused that we weren’t running. Tell ya, never seen the Doctor laugh so hard!” 

The Doctor in the doorway grinned at the memory. 

He’d been in his other body when the Gorratokka Tuntail, the fiercest beast on Hubrides, had been chasing them. It may have been fierce but it was the most ridiculous beast and managed to capture prey when they stared at it in amazement or fear. It had captivated them until Rose had questioned why it looked so much like a St. Bernard retriever with a bad case of the runs. 

Then none of them could stop laughing. It was a good memory, had been a good day. He leaned against the door and smiled at her about to open his mouth and speak when she started again. 

“Then the Doc hit it with the tree limb and we headed right back to ya, me bringing up the rear. You shoulda seen it!” 

His mouth dropped- was she talking to the TARDIS? 

It was no secret to any of the companions that the TARDIS was telepathic and often felt what he did, offered suggestions and felt easy about dipping into his companion’s heads at any given point. 

But none of them seemed to view it as anything other than a marvellous ship. 

Trust Rose to want to make friends. Could she even make friends with it? He started to ask her if she’d had any response when her next words stopped him dead. 

“I had the best view,” she waggled her eyebrows and stuck her tongue between her teeth and he froze. 

This was interesting, blackmail or at least teasing material to be had here. He waited. 

“Captain Jack has a nice bum and my Doctor looked pretty fine when running. It was all in the coat,” she giggled and the Doctor smirked in the doorway as she sipped her chocolate. “My Doctor had the best legs, saw ‘em when we visited one of the outer planets and remind me to tell you about the danger of taking the Doctor scuba diving. Your Doctor has the better arse though, he’s also very cute and I love his hair that punk slash rockabilly thing he’s got going on.” 

The Doctor blushed at this revelation, his hand creeping up to touch his brown locks, but there was something that wasn’t sitting quite right. My Doctor, Your Doctor? 

“Both got quite good dress sense, that’s rare with men who aren’t gay. Although there was that thing with Captain Jack,” she bit her lip and frowned. “Never mind, ‘ey? Mmm.” 

She drained the last of her drink and placed it on the side before snuggling under the cover again. 

“Do you miss him? I do,” she said softly after a moment. “Loads. Dunno how long he was with you but even knowing him a year, two years, whatever, I really miss ’im. You are taking care of him wherever he is, yeah?” 

She reached out and laid a hand on the wall next to her and smiled as a soft hum echoed in the room. “Thanks. I haven't forgotten him, my Doctor.” 

She was silent for a long moment and it was all he could do to stay quiet as her words echoed in his head. 

“I’m tired,” she said finally and stood up, stretching. She leaned over to pat the walls again. “Night TARDIS, see you again tomorrow, same time—provided we aren’t running for our lives again.” 

The Doctor edged back into the safety of the hall and darted around a corner, out of sight. 

Rose staggered out of the room, pulling her red blanket behind her like Christopher Robin. 

He waited until she disappeared into her own room before he slumped against the wall. 

What was that all about?
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