Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Savour

LOL, Oh i love this one!!! Self-pimpage!

Title- Savour
Author- Fayth
Ship- Doctor/Rose
Rating- PG/T/YT/PGF
Prompt- #17- Chips
Words- 217
Summary- A match made in heaven
A/N- another Happy!who fic.

Prompt- Chips.

It was a match made in heaven.

He loved the big fat soft squishy chips that you found at the top of the packet. Those that were puffed with starch and air and zest. He loved to take a large bite and still have chip left over to savour.

She loved the crispy ones that worked their way down to the bottom of the bag; the ones that she had to crunch which exploded into her mouth with hot, fat-filled greasiness. She loved the little snap in her mouth as her teeth bit into them, releasing the flavour.

He had the top of the bag and she had the bottom, their hands and fingers often brushing as they dug for the hot treat, sweet smiles exchanged as they met more often than necessary.

But they never argued over the chips, never fought over who got the last one or who ate the most. He got the fat ones, she got the crispy ones.

It was a match made in heaven.

Until one day he pulled out a chip fat at the top, crispy at the bottom.

Rose eyed the crunchy part ravenously.

He turned it over in his fingers, locking eyes with her hungry gaze.

“Tell me, Rose, you ever watch Lady and the Tramp?”
Tags: doctorwho, fic
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