Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- If it ain't broke

Title- If it ain't broke
Author- Fayth
Show/ Ship- Doctor Who. Ten.
Rating- M/A/PG18
Disclaimer- I've asked for a Cyberman head. Does that make me immature?
Summary- When Matha goes shopping the Doctor gets a visit froman old friend. Any more would give it away.

She shoved her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket and shrugged.

“So how long’s it gonna take for you to fix the random trans—pond-thing?”

The Doctor smiled at Martha’s attempt to describe the essential TARDIS mechanism.

“Transponder,” he corrected. “And a while; landing on that asteroid knocked her about a bit. Could take up to nine hours.”

“Nine!” Martha moaned. “Couldn’t you have at least landed somewhere with a Starbucks?”

“Medical students and their coffee”” He shook his head. “Tea’s the thing. Full of tannins and other great substances that are essential for a growing Doctor.”

Martha wrinkled her nose. “Can’t stand tea.”

“I know,” the Doctor said ruefully. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Point me to the best cup of tea in the universe and I might have a go,” she promised.

The Doctor’s face fell slightly. “Best cup of tea I ever had was in London, around your time.”

He gave her a nod and then looked away, staring at nothing on the TARDIS walls.

Martha had been with the Doctor long enough to know that expression on his face meant that he wanted to be alone.

“Yeah, well,” Martha rolled her eyes. “Me without coffee isn’t a pretty sight, so I’m going to go see if I can find some kind of substitute, okay?”

She paused at the door. “It is safe out here, isn’t it? No rampaging hoards or death by slimy scaly thing?”

That dragged a smile out of the Doctor. “Nah, perfectly safe here. I’ve been here before, this time period is one of safest in the planet’s history. Just don’t insult anything’s appendages and you’ll be fine. Oh and avoid the shrimp.”

Martha nodded. “Want anything?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

He smiled at her until she walked out of the door and then leaned against the console.

Thank Rassillon for Martha and her intuitive disappearing act. In fact, thank Gallifrey for the girl who was able to distract him and still keep up with his random mood swings and know when it was time to bully him and when to get out of his way.

She made things so much easier and didn’t insist on trying to get too close.

He didn’t think he could stand having his hearts broken again so soon.

He rubbed at the ever-present ache in his chest and forced his mind back to the here and now.

“Doesn’t do to dwell on dreams and forget to live,” he announced to the empty TARDIS. “Dumbledore; great man that.” He smiled again.

He didn’t know that his smiles no longer reached his eyes or made them gleam with manic energy.

He had no one to tell him that.

He looked down at the TARDIS controls and flicked a switch. “Right, girl lets have a look at your insides, shall we?”

But before he could move he heard the turn of the key on the door and sighed, wondering what trouble Martha had found already, or if she had forgotten something in that bag of hers.

Really it was like a TARDIS in itself and she always pulling bits of paper and pens, and sandwich’s and bananas and bits of wire out of it.
You’d have thought medical students would have been a bit less cluttered.

He leaned over to prod a wire, wondering if it had, in fact, been there yesterday and waited for Martha to tell him why she’d come back.

“Okay, so my sense of direction is way off!”

The Doctor froze.

That wasn’t Martha.

That wasn’t the cultured tones of the London medical student.

That was an East End accent.

A familiar accent.

“I could have sworn we’d parked on the other side of the market place, I must have got all turned around.”

His head shot up and his whole body jolted, like someone had run an electric charge through him.

It would have hurt less.

“You all right? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said Rose.


“R-Rose?” He managed and she smiled pushing her blonde hair away from those expressive eyes.

“Hello,” she trilled. She bent over slightly to put bags he hadn’t even noticed she held onto the floor.

She arched her back and groaned. “You know next time you can carry your own random transponder circuits,” she said. “Those things are dead heavy. Shopping won’t kill ya, ya know, said so in Cosmo.”

“My what?” he replied faintly, still drinking in the sight of the girl he’d never thought he’d see again.

She was flushed with colour and her white tank top moulded to curves he had denied himself for so long. She reached up to fiddle with one silver hoped earring and beamed at him, the grin fading as he continued to look at her transfixed.

“Doctor, you all right?”

She seemed to check him over properly in that caring way that he had took for granted and did a double-take. “Nice outfit! The blue suits you, although,” she put her head on the side, “it does make you look a bit washed out. I like the brown but the blue, nice variation. What’s the occasion?”

“Rose?” he said again, still unable to believe that she was here. “What are you doing here?”

“We said meet up later?” Rose checked her watch. “I’m early but those bags were heavy. You said we’d go for something to eat and I was on my way back but got all turned around by the fishery place.” She eyed him carefully. “You’re acting weird. Did you have the shrimp? You told me not to have the shrimp, did you have the shrimp?”

“No,” he choked out, half laughing, half-hysterical. “I didn’t have the shrimp.”

But what he did have, was a very, very bad feeling.

He told Martha that he had been here before and he had. It was the best place to go to get random bits for the TARDIS and the last time he had been here was with Rose to pick up the very circuit that he was currently lacking.

He’d gone one way and Rose had gone another and they’d met back at the TARDIS later on that evening and gone for tea.

But not shrimp.

She shouldn’t be here.

He shouldn’t be here.

But somewhere along the line he’d crossed his own time line. Was it him who’d gotten the date wrong or her Doctor?

And yet did it really matter when he got to see Rose again?

A Rose that the other him wouldn’t expect to see until nightfall.

A Rose that he could have all day with.

Borrowed time, but still time. Time to see her and touch her and hold her and maybe make up for all the mistakes that he had made.

“No, seriously,” Rose said, breaking him out of his trance. “Are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

“I’m … fine, I’m better than fine, Rose Tyler,” he beamed. “I’m fantastic!”

He jumped in the air, delight all but pouring out of him.

Rose giggled. “You’re drunk!”

“I’m high on life!” he exclaimed. “The universe is a cruel, cruel place, Rose Tyler, did I ever tell you that? But once in a while, just very, very occasionally she hands you a present.”

“A shiny present?” Rose laughed at his random exuberating.

“A shiny present!” he agreed. “Wrapped in multi-coloured, sparkly silver paper and wrapped with a—” he darted towards her “—Nice. Big. Bow.”

He stopped in front of her, reaching out to touch her cheek.

“A gift.”

Rose blinked at the tender, rapt expression on his face. “Doctor?”

“What have I told you about time, Rose? That it’s never linear. It circles and twists and twirls and you’re never sure if you’re coming or going until you land with a thump and meet yourself coming back.”

Rose wrinkled her nose. “Is that one of those metaphor-y things?”

“No.” He laughed. “I’ve just met myself coming back.”

“R-iiight,” she humoured him. “And did you have something interesting to say to yourself?”

“I said ‘here’s my Rose Tyler, you can borrow her for a while.’” He waited.

“I don’t get—” Rose paused and narrowed her eyes at him, then her gaze swept around the TARDIS, taking in the subtle changes. The way the central light pulsed in emerald green instead of phosphorescent. The way the wires on the console fell differently, the way her clothes and books were absent from the room.

The way that jacket was definitely not hers.

Rose stumbled back, her hand flying to her mouth. “Wrong TARDIS?”

“No,” he said quickly, grabbing her hand. “Right TARDIS, wrong time.”

“Am I … messing up time, paradoxes and that just being here? I better go.”

“No!” He all but shouted and it was shocking enough that Rose stopped dead. He’d never really shouted at her.

He tried to calm down but watching her head for the door stabbed something inside him and made him react. He couldn’t lose her again so soon.

“You don’t take back presents.” He said softly.

“What happened?” Rose asked, staring at his face. The face that was older and lined and filled with pain.

“I can’t—” he started to say, tears filling his eyes.

“No, shh,” she soothed, putting a finger over his lips. “I didn’t mean to me. It’s obvious I’m not here anymore. I mean to you. Look at you. How long’s it been?”

“Two years, three months, six days and five and a half hours. I could give you minutes and seconds too, if you want.”

Rose shook her head, her eyes still searching his face. “You look like him … the old you.”

“My ears have grown?” he tried to tease and she just smiled sadly.

“The eyes.”

“They miss looking at you,” he replied with more honesty than he had ever given her.

Rose looked startled and then a rosy glow flooded her face. “Oh, Doctor.”

He savoured the words, the way they rolled in her mouth and flowed out like a blessing.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’m so sorry I left you.” Rose was serious and it made him want to laugh and leap and scream and cry all at the same time.

“I’m not alone,” he blurted and she looked taken aback. “I mean, I have a new companion. She’s great.”

“Great? That’s great.”

He could hear the uncertainty mixed with jealousy and a little hurt in her voice and he revelled in it.

“Yeah great. She’s not fantastic though, or the best.”

Rose grinned and he returned it full force.

“She’s not you.” He shook his head. “Here I am again, wasting time. You think I’d know better, wouldn’t you?”

She stared at him bemused. “What?”

“I wasted so much time when I should have been doing this.” He reached out and took hold of her chin, pulling her face to his and brushing his lips against hers.

A slight gasp on Rose’s part was enough for him to dive in, exploring the corners of her mouth that he had denied himself for so long, tasting the sweet honey and cinnamon that was Rose.

He pulled away slightly and looked her in the eye. “Is this okay?”

She nodded seemingly unable to speak and he allowed a full blown grin to cover his face. “Top banana!”

That caused her to giggle and she reached for the lapel of his suit. “My Doctor.

“My Rose,” he agreed and then remembered something. “Wait!” he stopped her before she could draw him to her for another kiss. “I didn’t say it, but I should and if I don’t get the chance then I won’t have had the chance but even though I know you know, I need you to know that I know and to do that I need to say it.”

“Yep,” Rose said. “Definitely my Doctor. I understood exactly none of that.”

But this was too important to say and so he ignored her words and took a deep breath. “Iloveyou.”

Rose blinked slowly as if she couldn’t quite grasp what he had said. “Say what?”

He took a deep breath. “I love you. Rose Tyler, I love you. I loved you and do love you and will love you and—”

“I get it!” she laughed out loud, dizzy with euphoria. “I love you too.”

“I know,” he grinned dorkishly and then bit his lip in a very uncharacteristic way.

“What?” Rose wanted to know.

“Well,” he said, reaching up to scratch the back of his head. “When two people generally declare feelings for each other it culminates in some sort of physical way. Friskedians bite each other’s hands. Spiders tend to eat each other, Sontarans plug each other in.”

Roses giggled. “Are you proposing I eat you, Doctor?”

The look he gave her was wolfish and very very dangerous. “Or the other way around.”

Rose blushed. “How long’s your companion away for?”

“Long enough.” He reached up and touched her cheek, memorising her features before pulling her close for a deep and soulful kiss.

This time when he pulled away Rose looked almost drugged and he felt giddy that he had caused that.

With a whoop of joy he picked her up in his arms and dashed off down the corridor towards his bedroom.

Rose barely had time to look around at the sparse décor and the myriad of books and papers that covered every surface before he was devouring her mouth again and running his fingers through her hair.

With one foot he kicked the door closed and edged Rose back until she was standing against the cool iron surface of the TARDIS, his body mere millimetres away from hers.

“Mine,” he growled and Rose's body gave an involuntary shiver, causing the Doctor to have the most delectable vibrations to run through him.

Anything even vaguely resembling willpower was thrown wholeheartedly to the wind and, as Rose’s back collided with the solid iron door in the room, their mouths met in a ravenous connection of teeth and tongues

The Doctor seemed to be taking the opportunity to thoroughly explore Rose’s mouth, as if committing every sensation to his amazing memory. His tongue danced with hers as if he could never get enough and didn’t have long enough to try and the urgency caused her own tongue to undertake a frantic battle to gain control. It was a battle of wills that neither minded losing.

It was clear, as the Doctor bit tantalisingly upon her lower lip, that come hell, high water, or naked pictures of Captain Jack and a Slitheen, this was going to happen.

His insistence on rules and the denial he had placed as a barrier was gone and her impending absence was fuel to the fire. He was done pretending that he didn’t need her and she was done pretending that it didn’t matter.

By the end of the night they were going to own each other.

The Doctor dragged off her t-shirt and threw it aside, discarding the necessary garment before seizing her wrists, causing short-lived mewed protests at her hands being denied the privilege to roam over his body.

But protest soon turned to stifled moans of pure pleasure as his lips and teeth grazed her jawbone with tiny nips and kisses, before turning his attention to her neck, biting hard and sucking to cause red marks, a display of his possession, quickly soothed by his wondrous tongue.

Rose felt her nails dig into his suit jacket and she wrenched off the offending item so that she could reach his skin and do some exploring of her own, not even caring how her hands had escaped his captive grasp.

He yanked his hands out of his jacket and threw it across the room in haste, his mouth returning to frantically kiss Rose. She pulled away with a giggle as the Doctor's lips made their way down her collar. “Slow down!”

“No!” he shook his head. “If I slow down, we'll get interrupted.”

“Interrupted?” Rose tugged at his shirt and reached up to undo his tie, dropping it on the floor

“By Martha,” he kissed her shoulder, “or the other me,” and slipped his fingers under her bra strap and tugged it down, his lips following its slow descent “or a bloody Dalek.”

Rose bit back a half laugh, half moan at what he was doing to her. “Really?”

“Yep,” he replied against her smooth skin. “It’s a conspiracy. I told you, the universe is cruel. We get to make love and something will try to stop us. If it's not something wrong with the TARDIS, it'll be the other me wanting to know why I'm corrupting his companion.”

“C-corrupting?” Rose hissed as he found a sensitive spot on her inner elbow.

“Hmm, just our luck, interruption,” The Doctor brought her hand up to his mouth and nibbled on her fingers, “intrusion,” he bit on her thumb, “or invasion.”

Rose pulled her hand away and giggled at the intense look on his face, “Invasion?”

“It could happen,” he said darkly and pushed her shoulders back until she was lying against the door. There was something in those words that made her look deep into those eyes, so tormented and pain-filled and she kissed the tip of his nose.

“I’m sorry.”

He closed his eyes briefly and swallowed hurt and pain and then snapped them open to stare intently at her. “You can’t stay with me. As much as I want to whisk you off and leave him and her to find each other I can’t. You have to go and leave me.”

“Then lets make this count,” Rose answered and grabbed at his hair, threading her fingers through it as she had always wanted to do.

The Doctor agreed whole heartedly and allowed her to push at his shirt, almost ripping it in his haste to feel skin against skin. It hung open exposing his pale chest and Rose sighed at the perfection that she had uncovered.

Rose’s fingers headed for his belt and zip and busied themselves with releasing him. He suddenly grabbed at her hands and held them against the wall, halting her movements and she all but snarled at being denied her right.

The Doctor, meanwhile, began to run his tongue agonisingly slowly over her exposed chest, eliciting a cry of shock mingled with an overwhelming amount of pleasure when once again his teeth were engaged in stimulating her already tingling senses. This sweet torment seemed to go on for a heavenly eternity, before the delectable sensations of licking, sucking and biting were repeated on her right hand side. With one final, deliciously slow flick of his tongue she felt him release his grip on her wrists, and trail his mouth and fingers ever lower, though keeping a precautionary hand upon Rose’s hip, having already felt her legs begin to tremble.

Rose pushed him suddenly so that he stumbled and looked up at her with a heated gaze.

“Wh—” his voice was thick and she grinned wolfishly before grabbing his hand.

“Bed,” she commanded and dragged him over to the large bed he had.

With one sweep she knocked off all the papers and books that suggested he had been using it as more storage space than place of rest.

He grinned at the mess she made but said nothing, dragging her onto the soft surface.

Rose pushed him back and gave herself enough room to sit up and kneel on each side of his legs. She tugged off his open shirt and pulled his hands to her hips, letting him rest them there so she could run her hands over him. As she touched his soft skin over taut muscles she gave thanks to whoever made him such a sculpture of perfection.

She nipped at his throat eliciting a moan from the Doctor who seemed top enjoy other’s oral fixations as well as his own.

As the Doctor felt her sharp little teeth nick his skin he thought back, but he couldn’t remember anything, even with his time twisted and Time Lord memory of anything that he had done in the past 900 years, or would do in his next however many, in any time, dimension or regeneration, that would merit his being handed such a perfect package of sensuality and innocence as Rose.

In fact, now that he thought about it, his actions should possibly have given him a harridan like Jackie—the shudder that ran through him then was one third the idea of Jackie and two thirds what Rose had just done to his ear. Once again he marvelled at having her in his arms after believing that he would never see her again.

But right now it didn't matter how, just that she was there and nothing had ever felt so right.

Rose let her mouth and tongue follow her fingertips in caressing his skin tracing the contours of his body, committing each detail, each curve and each flaw— if indeed there were any— to memory. A fine sheen of sweat from their actions made him taste salty and purely male and she loved it.

The Doctor rose up on his knees and pushed her back again, leaning over her body, returning the favour of touching and tasting her, brushing across her body like a whisper driving her to whimpers and throaty moans that did delicious things to his insides.

The Doctor made quick work of disposing of the rest of their clothes and then he paused to look his fill at the woman beneath him.

”Beautiful,” he sighed.

“For a human,” she teased, loving the look of possession and desperate longing in his gaze.

Her gorgeous blonde hair was strewn over his pillow in waves of silken sunshine and her deep eyes stared up at him with love, devotion and an absolute trust that shook him to his core.

“I love you,” he breathed and her answering smile made him shudder.

“Love you too,” she whispered and reached up to kiss him lightly changing the mood from hurried urgency to soft exploration. More sensual than seduction…

He lowered his mouth to her breast taking it in his mouth and laving it with his tongue, Rose arched and hissed making him chuckle and carrying the vibrations from his mouth through her in a wave of tingles.

For a body self confessedly “Hardly used” he sure was doing all the right things. His gentle assault on her body inflamed her senses making her cry out. She reached between them and began stroking him in time to his ministrations.

He jolted, surprised by the intrusion but quickly became accustomed and welcomed the sensation arching into her touch as his breaths began rasping, his double hearts pounding in time to her actions.

His hands found her legs and his eyes asked her silently if this was okay. In silent answer Rose opened her legs and guided him to her entrance.

Neither was prepared for the feelings of completion that came with their joining. It was like finding your soul mate, the missing piece of the puzzle. As the tempo increased and whispery breaths became guttural moans and ecstatic whimpering the world spun and universes shattered as they screamed each others names in ecstasy.


It took a while for them to come down off the high and when Rose opened her eyes again it was to the Doctor’s softly stroking her hair and staring devotedly at her.

“Hello,” he greeted, the same smile she saw when they’d escaped danger etched onto his face.

“Hello,” she said back with her usual ‘yep, we did it and I’m fine’ smile.

“I want to keep you,” he whispered. “I want to turn the universe upside down and inside out. I don’t want to give you back.”

“But you can’t,” she answered softly. “I have to die.”

“Die?” he blinked. “Who said you’d die?”

“The beast in the pit said I’d die in battle,” Rose told him, her eyes downcast. “Nothing but death would keep me from staying with you or trying to get back to you, Doctor. I promised you forever, ya know. I said I’ll stay with you forever.”

“Forever is a long time,” he croaked, glad that she was looking away and unable to see the tears that her words had elicited.

“Not long enough,” she shuffled forward and tucked her head into the crook of his neck. “Humans decay, age and die.”

“I should never have said that. It was mean.”

“’s true though, innit? We do. But if I could stay with you forever then I would. The only thing to stop me would be to die.”

A thought occurred to him. “But if we were separated, by accident. Would you try to get back to me?”


“Even if it took your life?”

Rose leaned back. “You remember on that Space station with Reinette.”

He closed his eyes at the memory of that horrific episode. “Yeah.”

“She waited for you for the rest of her life and she’d only met you a few times. I would never give up looking for you, trying to find a way back to you. Not ever.”

He grasped her upper arms intently, almost shaking her. “Promise me you wouldn’t waste your life.”


“No, Rose. I saw what waiting did to Sarah-Jane. She spent her life just waiting, not getting on with living. Look, by all means look, but don’t give up on life for me.”

“You are my life,” she unknowingly echoed words that still sliced at his conscience and soul.


“I promise. I wouldn’t ever stop living, I’d have a fantastic life, for you.” She grinned and he felt a vice around his heart lessen.

He’d been so worried since she’d fallen through the void that Rose would do what Reinette and Sarah-Jane had done and just give up on living a life to wait for him.

He couldn’t bear that for Rose. She had so much to give, so much potential that to give it up, to deny it would be a tragedy.

But her promise was just that. She’d look for him, probably never stop, but she would live a life while she was doing it.

Rose was living a life in that alternative universe now, because she’d promised.

And it was gonna be fantastic.

The smile he gave reached his eyes and restored his grin to its previous glory. “Rose Tyler, I’m sure you will.”

They’d dressed slowly, interspersing the actions with kisses and caresses and hugs that took longer than they had any right to.

Then he’d asked her to write him a letter so that he could have part of her with him when she couldn’t be.

Rose had never thought the Doctor could be so sappy and had told him so culminating in another enthusiastic round of love-making in the TARDIS control room.

As he straightened his tie and tugged the jacket of his suit back in place he stared at her vibrate energy and marvelled at how the TARDIS had lost that empty feeling, even for a little while.

She patted her hair back in place and smiled that smile at him, the one where he felt like a king and that little sliver of tongue made him want to scale mountains for one kiss.

He stuck his hands in his pockets so that he didn’t reach for her and beg her to stay.

“So,” she said slowly. “I guess I’d better go. You’ll be wondering here I am.”

He thought back. Yes, he had wondered where she was. In fact he’d been frantic and when she’d walked through the TARDIS doors with messy hair and a saddened look on her face he’d pulled her to him in an enormous hug and asked her what was wrong.

She’d told him some story about discarded jelly babies and he’d let it go, a sudden craving for the sweet confection directing them back to Earth where they’d storm the Trebor Basset factory and save it from an invasion of Solonians.

“Oh, tell him that saw an abandoned Jelly baby on the floor and had to give it its last rites,” he laughed. “I’m quite partial to them.”

“I eat the head first,” Rose confessed, prolonging the moment as long as she could.

“Barbarian,” he retorted. “Everyone knows that you suck them until the face has melted off and then it doesn’t hurt them when you eat them.”

“Oh, I’ve been doing it wrong.”

He half-laughed at himself, the Lord of Time procrastinating and talking about Jelly Baby’s because he didn’t want her to go and more than she wanted to.

“Rose Tyler—”

“If you say I was fantastic, I’m gonna cry!” she warned him, holding up a hand.

He backed away nodding and said, unthinkingly; “Quite right too.”

He closed his eyes as a wave of pain swamped him at those words.


“You have to go. Now, Rose, before I lock the doors and keep you here.”

When he opened his eyes she could see the pain etched in them.

“Go. Now.”

“I love you,” she said and grabbed his suit, kissing him hard and deep before pulling away and grabbing her bags from the floor.

“I know,” he whispered as the door closed behind her.

He sighed and started to turn back to the console when the door opened and Rose stuck her head in.

“By the way?”


“Love the suit!” She stuck her tongue between her teeth and was gone.

When Martha returned the Doctor was still laughing.

“Something funny?” she asked, liking the way his face was alight with mischief and mayhem.

“Oh, you had to be there, although and don’t take this the wrong way, I’m glad you weren’t.”

“Okaaay,” she hedged. “Did you fix the transducy-thing?”

“Yep,” he grinned. “Fixed and ready to go. Didn’t take me as long as I’d thought.”

“So you’ve been what, pottering around laughing to yourself?”

“Even better.” He stuck his hands into his pockets.

Martha decided that it was probably best to leave that where it was. Whatever he had been doing had obviously done him the world of good.

“So where do we go now?”

His eyes danced. “I think it’s about time we saw a man about a rift.”
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