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Fic- depressing

Title- Alone
Author- Me.
Show- Doctor Who
Rating- PG13, YT
Genre- Angst
Disclaimer- I want to make RTD cry. Just once.
Summary- She watches the world end. Her world.

That’s my home.

That’s my planet.

That red and yellow ball of fire and flames that’s my home.

And it’s gone.

It vanished, exploded when no one was watching.

The sun got brighter and brighter and just blew up taking everything that I’ve ever known with it.

No more chip shops, no more McDonalds. No more M&S or Tesco’s. No more London. No more England.

No more humans.

Oh, god. I’m alone.

I’m the last human alive. There’s me and then there’s a bitchy trampoline with stretch marks who couldn’t even be bothered to watch the Earth die.

No one was watching as she died. As my home died.

I used to watch Red Dwarf and laugh at that first episode where Lister goes on and on about everybody being dead.

“Yes, everyone’s dead. Dave, everybody’s dead, everybody’s dead, Dave.”

It’s not so funny now.

Because everybody’s dead. Mum, Shareen, Mickey.

Jimmy Stones, although that one I don’t mind so much.

I’m alone. There’s just me, watching as parts of the Earth float away into the universe, unseen, uncared about, unimportant.


That explosion there could be the East Midlands drifting into nothing. That piece of rock was probably Texas.

Never went to Texas.

Oh, god, that’s my planet there and I never went anywhere!

I never saw Italy and those gondola things. I never shopped in New York, I never had Tequila in Mexico and now it’s gone.

It wasn’t long enough! 5 billion years, it was nothing. It should have lasted forever. Forever.

But it’s not.

There was so much that I never knew about my planet, so much about its biology and history and geography and now I never will.

And no one was watching.

Surely someone should have seen it go, but we were all too busy saving our own lives and ignored all the billions of lives that ever existed down there.

All the struggling and hurt and pain and hope, all the people who lived for others and tried to save the planet and all for nothing.

No one remembers and no one was watching.

If someone had seen and spent just those few seconds thinking on what was dying underneath then maybe it would have all been worth it. But it wasn’t, no one was and it’s all over.

Someone once told me that something is only alive as long as someone remembers it.

No one remembers the Earth, not the way it was, not the way I remember it.

So once I’m gone the Earth is dead.

She died alone.

I’m alone in the universe because no one was watching.
Tags: angst, doctorwho, fic
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