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Back early in December someone posted a mini challenge of sorts to put your ipod on random and use the titles to write drabbles.
After I finished my Happy!Who fics, I decided to have a go. So here are the first five.

Songs being:
1) Baby don't you break my heart slow- Vonda Shepherd
2) I break things- Erika Jo
3) Geek in the Pink- Jason Mraz
4) Should I stay- Gabrielle (Actually sung by David Tennant and Sarah Parish)
5) The Bride- Trick Pony

Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who
Rating- PG13, YT, PF
Genre- Mixed
Disclaimer- I own neither the songs nor the characters. I did, however, pick up all 3 new Torchwood books from Tesco's this morning.

Baby don’t break my heart slow

Rose stood under the skylight and stared up at the stars, knowing, somehow, that the Doctor would be doing the same sometime in the past.

She’d known, since Sarah-Jane, that this wouldn’t last, couldn't last.

She’d known that she wouldn’t make it out of this relationship intact.

Thankfully it had been quick: he’d jumped on the horse, crashed through the mirror and left her heart mixed in with the broken glass.

She’d believed him when he’d said ‘not her’; she’d been mistaken.

He’d broken her heart. But at least it was done. It was over.

At least it wasn’t slow.


I break things


“You blew up my job.”


“Then you decimated my mum’s coffee table.”


“You almost killed the London Eye and blew up that Gwyneth’s mortuary.  Then you broke Satellite Five and destroyed Downing Street.”

“There were good reasons behind all those things, Rose!”

“The Weapon Factories of Villengard?”


“Then there was the Auton’s arm, the bunker in Utah and my best mug.”

“You got a point?”

“You’re not too careful with fragile things. You break things. Makes you wonder if some things are safe to give you.”



“Some things I’m very careful of, Rose.”




Geek in the Pink.




Rose shakes her head and his face drops as he turns around. She hides a smile as the wardrobe door closes, wondering what he’ll come up with next.

It’s odd to see him make so much effort for her mother; his last incarnation didn’t like Jackie and now he’s dressing up to come to dinner.

“Well,” he said, “it isn’t Christmas everyday.”

And it isn’t everyday that he’s sleeping with her daughter.

He steps out and she grins.

“This one.”

“Really?” His eyes widen. “The pink shirt?”

He’s such a geek.

Her geek.

“Yep, let’s go. Mum’s waiting.”


Should I stay?


I wonder if you realise you’re doing it; if you’re doing it on purpose to keep me away. But then you pull me close. A word to make me think you don’t care and then a look to say that you do.

I want so much more but you only leave the door half-open and I’m too scared to walk through.

I want to leave. To walk away.

But I can’t see life without you. You’ve spoiled me for anyone else and it kills me that you won’t let me get any closer.

I can’t leave and it hurts to stay.


The Bride


It was beautiful.

The flowers were white and crisp, the food delicious, the Priest effusive and the dress exquisite.

The guests sat in rows with forced smiles and the mother of the bride cried.

Rose sighed in happiness.

“Rose Tyler, are you crying?”

She smiled at her incredulous Doctor and her eyes drifted over the groom and the damned.

“There but for the grace of the TARDIS.” She held her hand out for his and threw the invitation away. “Come on, let’s get out here.”


You are invited to witness the marriage of James Stones to Meghan Deary. RSVP.

Tags: doctorwho, drabble, fic
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