Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Games of the orally fixated 2

Title- Games of the orally fixated part II
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who. Ten/Rose
Rating- PG13, PG15F, 15 YT
Genre- Heated fluff
Disclaimer- *Beep* This is the TARDIS. A human is holding the Doctor hostage. Please help.
Summary- Rose is having a hard time hiding her feelings for the Doctor and he isn't helping. He's not doing it on purpose. Right?
a/n- A sequel by popular demand.

Part 1

Rose stared at the ceiling like it held the seven wonders of the universe in its tiled grip.

It didn’t.

What it did hold was seven small circles that could be the start of something fungal and gross.

Gross like that beast they’d run from yesterday with ooze and puss. Where the Doctor had grabbed her hand and tugged her along with him, a broad grin on his face and his fingers oddly light and caressing.

Soft against her skin.

Damn it.

The ceiling wasn’t enough to capture her attention, which drifted down slightly towards the slight sound across the room.

Rose caught it before it could alight on the one thing that was truly, truly, a bad idea.

She stared at the wall; interesting wall with switches and wires which could possibly be some kind of safety hazard.

Hazards which they could do without.

Kind of like the way the TARDIS had fused something important with a name longer than hers, which meant that the heat increased this week to the point where the Doctor has loosened his tie.


Like some kind of Time Lord strip tease.

Rose clenched her fists.

A sigh from across the room was designed to draw her attention. It was heartfelt and deep, satisfying.

Rose took a shaky breath and stared at the table top, deciding that there was no possible way she was going to leave here intact or sane.


She wasn’t going to look over at him. “Hmm?” She pretended real fascination with her nails. 

“Are you sure you don’t want some?”

She shook her head, not looking up. “Not hungry.”

“But it’s soo good.”

Rose closed her eyes.

That wasn’t fair.

His low voice, designed to tempt and tease was crawling down her spine with whispers that made her want to …

Rose shoved herself to her feet.


“I’m gonna go and—”

She looked up almost instinctively and trailed off.

Now THAT had to be some kind of illegal.

The Doctor held the cream bun at chin level, just slightly away from his mouth and trailed his tongue along the oozing cream as it spilled out of the fluffy pastry. His eyes rolled back and closed as the pink muscle slathered in sweet cream slowly disappeared into his mouth. His lips closed around pearly white teeth and the moisture glistened on those inviting lips as he swallowed.

A sinful grin crept over his mouth and he nibbled at his bottom lip, savouring the taste before opening his eyes to fix her with a hazy look. “Rose?”

She closed her mouth. “Hmm?”

“You going somewhere?”

She realised that she was standing up and wondered why that was. Surely it was a much better idea to go over there and taste that cream second hand.

As if he’d heard her thought, the Doctor held up the bun. “Are you sure I can’t tempt you?”

To do what? She wanted to scream. To insanity? To sheer soul-destroying desire? To go out of her mind with lust?

“I’m on a diet,” she blurted. Any reason but the obvious.

The Doctor’s eyes left hers and drifted slowly, oh so slowly down her body, lingering on her curves and hips before dragging back up, pausing on her neck before meeting her eyes again, something dark in them.

“Oh, you look in perfect shape to me,” he drawled.

Rose’s mouth opened and closed, her knees feeling quite weak.

She blinked once. There was no way that the Doctor knew what he was doing to her. He just wouldn’t. He had made it quite clear that he didn’t do that kind of things with companions and definitely not with her.

He was just playing.

Had to be.

She managed to find a smile from somewhere. “That’s … sweet of you, but I’ve been overdoing the chips.”

The Doctor opened his eyes wide. “Shame on you, Rose Tyler, it’s impossible to overdo the chips! I mean,” his eyes went dreamy, “just imagine hot, greasy chips. Deep golden and covered with a glistening layer of hot spicy vinegar, the sharp bite of salt as you put it on your tongue and bite down. The explosion of tangy fat in your mouth as the potato splits open to fill your mouth with fluffy vegetable, crisp edges crunchy, leaving a sting on your lips that you just have to lick away…”

His tongue made an appearance again, swiping across his lower lip, imagining the grains of salt and the tingle of vinegar.

Rose’s heart beat a triple beat in her chest as she followed the path with her eyes.

Oh, she ached.


“Rea—” she cleared her throat and tried to lower the decibel to something below dog-whistle. “Really not hungry for chips.”

His eyes opened, heavy-lidded and sultry. “What are you in the mood for, Rose Tyler?”


Him. Him covered in cream in a bed of hot chips? Him covered in salt and wrapped in newspaper?

Rose choked. “Muesli!”

He blinked. “What?”

“B-boring and healthy muesli with low fat yoghurt and … and … apples.”

There. That was unsexy.


He gave her a disbelieving look. “Muesli?”

Rose nodded frantically. “Yup.”

“R-ight.” He looked from her to the remains of his cream bun and Rose decided that now was a good time to make her escape.

“That reminds me, I need to brush my teeth.”

The disbelieving look was greater and Rose even able to move without her knees buckling.

“Didn’t you already do that this morning?”

“You can’t neglect personal hygiene,” she muttered and all but raced away, not stopping until she reached her bedroom and closed the door, leaning against it.

Phew, close call.



Bugger! The Doctor put the cream bun down on the nearest plate and sighed in frustration.

Rose Tyler had better will power than he gave her credit for.

After making such a fuss to get his cream bun last week he’d decided to play it gradually.

First he’d manufactured something ‘wrong’ with the TARDIS air conditioning and had waited until Rose was watching before he loosened his tie.


Then he’d started changing the way he held her hand, light touches that were more flirtatious than friendly, caressing rather than caring.


She’d totally missed his yawn and stretch where he’d untucked his shirt to provide a little skin action as she’d been looking at the ceiling which, incidentally, he should check for signs of rot.

Then he’d played the cream bun, taking his time to taste and savour the sweet flavours and drag out the experience.

Rose noticed that, there was no doubt about it.

But, instead of throwing the bun over her shoulder and climbing into his lap, she’d started to babble about chips and muesli and going on a diet.


What did he have to do? Walk into her room in a towel?

A grin curved his lips … now that was an idea.

Maybe as a last resort. He still had plenty of tricks to make Rose Tyler go mad with lust; make her crack and determine to have her way with him.

He chuckled, an evil villain type of laugh and got up, ready to implement the next phase of his diabolical plan of seducing Rose Tyler.

He paused at the door and reached back to grab the cream bun.

No point in letting it go to waste.

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