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Fic Go On 5

Go On
Title- Go on 5
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who
Genre- Angst
Pairing- Mentions 9/Rose.
Spoilers- The Girl in the fireplace.
Rating- PG-ESQUE
Summary- The Doctor's distraction leads to them being captured and he finds out something that he wishes he hadn't.


To be perfectly honest, it was the fact that the Doctor had been so concerned about getting the needed parts for the downed TARDIS that he hadn’t really bothered to check the planets credentials before allowing them all out. His mind was playing on the fact that the old girl was getting older and pretty soon would cease to function, no matter what additional pipes and mechanisms he put in. Strictly speaking TARDISes weren’t meant to last even this long and who knew how many years it had been in service before he’d ‘borrowed’ it.

The idea that soon he’d lose her made him even more agitated and so he could almost be forgiven for not checking the sensors before they left the ailing machine. Of course, it would have been a far more useful use of his time than watching Rose tuck her arm in Mickey’s as they left the TARDIS.

Had he taken the few seconds to check when and where they were, he would never have left the TARDIS, removing them from the warring moon as quickly as the Vortex would allow.

Coming onto Fellit’g Prime during one of its nastier revolutions was a supremely stupid idea, even by his standards.

Of course, he hadn’t intended to land there, or walk into the market place with Mickey wearing red—one of the colours of the main rebellious factions—or ask for an implement that the suspicious, and ready to revolt, people had never heard of.

He also hadn’t intended to lead the fleeing Mickey and Rose down a dead-end alley and get them caught by the militia, and it had never been his intention to accidentally reveal his superior alien technology and get separated from his two companions and taken to a different holding cell.

The Chief of Police scuttled around on his four tentacles and blinked his one dark eye at the Doctor in agitation, the gills on either side of his face opening and closing with a sucking sound as the mucus slid down his gelatinous face.

“Tell me who sent you,” he rasped, his voice as thick and as slimy as the body which wobbled dangerously close to the Doctor’s coat.

“Sent me?” The Doctor scratched an ear. “I wouldn’t say ‘sent’, not exactly. I landed here, quite by accident. My companions,” he gestured to the screen which showed Rose and Mickey sat in a small mud-caked cell, “they’re assisting me on a research project and we were forced to make a detour. The boy didn’t know red was a bad fashion decision, he doesn’t really have the smarts. Between you and me,” the Doctor leaned in conspiratorially, “I have no idea why I allowed him to come with us. But there you are. Now we aren’t interested in your conflict, have no desire to overthrow governments of any kind and would be pleased to be on our merry way.”  He waited hopefully.

But the Chief of Police just snorted—a truly disgusting sound—and slapped one sludgy tentacle at the view screen where Mickey had started pacing. “You think we see not your rebel ties.”

“Like I said,” said the Doctor between gritted teeth, “Mickey is an idiot and didn’t know that red was seditious.”

“A story of unlikely proportions. All know this!”

“We’re not from around here and we’d rather not stay.”

“You have technology of greater worth than ours!”

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “
Leicester City football club has better tech than yours, and can play a mean game of scrabble when forced. Although Gary Lineker always steals the crisps…”

“Enough of your chatter,” interrupted the Chief, “aid us in our efforts or destroy your companions we will.”

The Doctor folded his arms. “Then what? Hmm? Maybe a round of genocide?”

The Chief snarled and spat a globule of something the Doctor didn’t want to identify through his feelers and onto the screen.

“We have found the box of blue.”

The Doctor’s hearts sank. They’d found the TARDIS? “I wouldn’t touch her if I were you. She can get a little tetchy.”

“Unable to open it. Give us the technology.”

“Can’t,” the Doctor said unapologetically. “The old girl won’t open to just anyone you know. Where is she?”

“In the lower hangers,” the Chief snarled. “She opens for you?”

“Yup.” The Doctor popped his ‘p’ gleefully.

“Your companions too, maybe.”

The Doctor’s grin faded but the Chief had already come to a decision.

He reached out to touch a button and a crackle of static burst into life.
“Persuade the yellow one to talk.”

“No!” The Doctor leaped out of his chair and was restrained as a sucker-laden tentacle slapped him back with a wet slop.

He watched helplessly as two creatures slithered into the cell where Mickey and Rose were backed against the wall.

Rose lifted her head higher and stepped slightly in front of a scared Mickey and the Doctor felt a wave of pride and tenderness pass through him as she protected Mickey. It was instinctual and unconscious and just Rose through and through. Mickey wasn’t a coward, not really; in fact the Doctor knew that when needed, Mickey could be relied on. But the way Mickey allowed Rose to step in front to defend and protect him showed that it was something that she had always done.

Rose Tyler: defender of all.

“What’d ya want?” she said defiantly, her voice sounding strong but tinny over the intercom.

One of the guards waved the sonic screwdriver in the air. “How does the contraption work?”

Rose shrugged nonchalantly. “How the hell should I know?”

“You are the companion, tell us.”

“Companion, yeah?” Rose emphasised. “Helper. I fetch tea and make jokes. Don’t handle the hardware.”

The Doctor was impressed and proud of the way she stood up to them, until they turned nasty. “Tell us how to work it.”

Rose bit her lip as they slithered closer and the Doctor could see the indecision in her eyes as she calculated the odds of her escaping and found them woefully inadequate. “Hand it over and I’ll show you,” she offered, pretending to sound scared.

“Negative! Negative!” they repeated shrilly. “Tell us!”

“I can’t tell you,” Rose protested emphatically. “It’d be hard for your… tentacle-y things. I’d have to show you.”

“Tell us or we will attack your slave.”

“Slave?” Rose glanced over her shoulder. “Mickey isn’t a slave!”

“Y-yeah!” he replied shakily. “I’m no tin dog!”

“You are dominant,” they maintained to Rose. “You protect the slave.”

They edged closer to Mickey and Rose stepped in the way, protecting him. “You touch Mickey and I’ll slap ya!”

There was a sound of annoyance at her defiance and one spat. “Educate the yellow one.”

The guards jabbed a stick at Rose and a pulse of bright blue electricity flowed through it, ramming into Rose’s body. The electric pulses covered her entire body, coating it with a blue glow. She tried to bite back a scream as her whole body vibrated with the shock of the attack, her head thrown back and face contorted with pain as electricity pulsated through her.

“Rose!” the Doctor and Mickey yelled at the same time. The guards stepped back, halting their attack.

She gasped and staggered, only just managing to stay upright. Rose  steadied herself against the wall, her face a mask of pain, before pushing herself upright and glaring at the aliens with a sneer. “That all you got?”

The Doctor gave a choked laugh and turned to the Chief of Police.  “You play a dangerous game.” He snarled. “I was going to let you live. Now, no power on this planet will stop me from destroying you all.”

The Chief laughed, a throaty, flem-filled laugh and his tentacles rose in scorn. “The yellow one is brave but not indestructible. Good conductor she is. How good?”

He turned to give the order to hurt Rose again and the Doctor grabbed at him. “Stop! I’ll do it. I need the sonic screwdriver to get into the TARDIS… the blue box. I’ll tell you how to use the sonic screwdriver. I’ll help you, just leave her alone.”

There was a nasty smirk about the features of the alien and he wobbled towards the door. “They will fetch your contraption. Be ready to use it.”

The Doctor watched frustrated and angry as the Chief left the room and locked the door behind him. He had to find some way out of here and a way to find Rose and Mickey before the guards decided to up their ‘negotiation’ tactics.  

There was only one window and it was a pretty long drop outside to the ground. The drainpipe was pretty sturdy thanks to the need to eradicate the mucus that the aliens secreted from their bodies and it was a possibility for escape, but he had to make sure that he could get to Rose and Mickey.

That reminded him. He turned towards the screen to make sure that the guards had left them alone. He watched the guards shut the door behind them as they shuffled out and Mickey reach for Rose.

“Rose, you okay?” he said quickly and she gave her best fake smile, evident even over the tiny screen.

“Fine. ‘slike a electric shock. I’ve had worse off my hair dryer.”

The Doctor smiled at his brave Rose and let his hand drift up to touch the screen where her face was shown in all its lively glory. His fingers stroked the image of her face and all he wanted was to have her there in the flesh so he could assure himself that she was all right.

“C’mon, then,” she said suddenly to Mickey. “Let’s not mess about, they’ve gone and we need to get out of here.”

She scanned the cell obviously noting the lack of windows and other doors and the Doctor nodded approvingly as she assessed their situation and looked for exits and entrances and possible ways out.

“Shouldn’t we just wait?” Mickey interrupted as she searched. “There’s all them guards out there and we don’t know where we are.”

“Wait for what?” Rose queried still staring at the ceiling.

Mickey gave her an incredulous look, like she was being purposefully stupid. “The Doctor. He does all that hero rescue stuff doesn’t he?”

Hero? The Doctor grinned. Oh, that was blackmail material for Mickey. Calling the Doctor a hero?

“Hmm,” Rose ignored him, heading for the back of the cell. She kicked at the muddy walls and gave a small grin as a clump of mud broke off.

“Rose?” Mickey prompted. “The Doctor will come rescue us, won’t he?”

“Of course I will,” the Doctor muttered, somewhat pleased with Mickey’s reliance.

“Not necessarily,” Rose answered and the Doctor’s world spun to a halt.


Mickey frowned. “What?”

Rose picked up the clump of earth and threw it at the ceiling. The Doctor couldn’t see what happened but she gave another satisfied grin and turned back to the wall.

“Rose?” Mickey was tired of being ignored. “What’d’ya mean by that?”

“Sometimes, Mickey,” she said exasperatedly, “you gotta rescue yourself. The Doctor was taken somewhere else; odds are that he needs rescuing himself. The last thing he needs is to be thinking about us. What kind of companions hang around and wait to be rescued without even trying something.” She gave him a short smile, gone even before it registered. “This isn’t Star Trek, ya know, no matter what red shirt you’re wearing.”

Mickey laughed at that. “Right. But he will come get us, won’t he?”

Rose said nothing and used her nails to gouge out a chunk of wall about knee height.

“When he can and that.” Mickey continued. “He’s like the designated driver.” Mickey stepped forwards, pushing harder. “He won’t leave us. Right. Right, Rose?  Rose? Rose?”

“I’m sorry,” Rose suddenly snapped, looking over her shoulder. “Were you not there on the space station? Cuz I’m pretty sure that the bloke who freaked out looked a lot like you. “He’s left us, Rose”, “How’s he gonna get back?”” Rose mocked him. “Sound familiar, Mick? We are not number one on his priority list and so we get ourselves out. Okay?”

“Fine!” Mickey yelled back, looking slightly sick and Rose’s face fell as if she regretted her hasty words.

She stood up and touched his arm. “I’m sorry, Mickey. I’m worried about him, okay? And I think that bolt did a bit more damage than I thought. I’m still shaky.”

“You okay?” Mickey was immediately contrite and she gave him her very best Rose Tyler smile.

“Got you, ain't I?”


“So, let’s save the Doctor. Help me with this will ya?” She leaned forward and started speaking to him but the Doctor had tuned her out. He staggered back as if she’d slapped him.

Metaphorically, she had.

Rose didn’t believe that he would rescue her. She didn’t think that she was his number one priority. Once upon a time she had stood there and allowed him to aim a bomb right at her, certain in the knowledge that what he did was for the best.

What had gone so wrong for them that she didn’t think he would come for her; that he would leave without her?

Were you not there on the space station?”

Oh—to coin a human phrase—shit.

He had. He’d left her and Mickey on the space station. But that was weeks ago. Surely she would have said something by now if that was what had been upsetting her.  But she hadn’t said a thing. It wasn’t like Rose to leave something that truly bothered her, so there must be something else.

There must be.

And all this conjecture was doing nothing but wasting time. He had to get out of here, find his screwdriver, find the missing TARDIS piece, rescue his companions and then try to fix his relationship with Rose.

In that order, but by no means in order of importance.

He knew his priorities.

He headed for the drainpipe.

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