Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Games of the orally fixated III

Title- Games of the orally fixated part III
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who. Ten/Rose
Rating- M. Warning- This includes swearing- although if you think it unnecessary I will remove it.
Genre- Heated fluff
Prompt- Based on prompt #7 (I'm not saying what it is)
Disclaimer- *Beep* This is the TARDIS. The answer machine is on strike.
Summary- The games continue and this time it's war!
A/N- Next part of this was-to-be-one-shot. *sighs*

Part 1
Part 2

It’s entirely possible, Rose thought, to love someone and yet hate them at the same time.

It was especially possible when said someone was a Time Lord.

It was even more possible, in fact it was not only damn likely, but almost bloody prerequisite, to dislike them if said person was a Time Lord with an oral fixation.

And when it came to a sexy Time Lord with an oral fixation wearing his glasses, well Rose considered that her restraint in not killing him was worthy of some sort of sainthood. Or at least a holiday somewhere.

Someplace else.

Someplace where the Doctor hadn’t decided was just a fabulous idea worthy of any of his regenerations; someplace where the Doctor hadn’t decided would be peaceful and relaxing; someplace where the Doctor wasn’t wound up and giddier than a schoolboy in a brothel; someplace where the Doctor couldn’t get ice-cream.

Rose glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

Yup, he was still enjoying … no enjoying his ice-cream.

Her hands tightened into fists as she repeated her inner mantra; a mantra she had started when he’d materialised the TARDIS on the warm tropical beach early this morning; a mantra she had repeated as he grabbed her hand with a grin and tugged her into the hot sun, swinging their hands and talking about their previous adventures, occasionally brushing up against her; a mantra she had reaffirmed when he told her she’d be very hot in that jacket and would she like him to hold it for her, before helping her take it off, his hands stroking their way across her arms as he did so.

Her mantra went something like this: He’s doing this on purpose, thebastard. Don’t jump thebastard. Repeat until the urge to strangle him, or throw him to the floor and bite down on his Adam’s apple, is gone.

Of course, it was on a never-ending loop since he had decided he was hungry and bought an ice-cream. Not a normal 99 with a flake that could be eaten within minutes and discarded.

No. That would be far too simple, convenient and healthy for her state of mind.

He had to buy a triple-thick, double layered mocha-iced ice-cream done in swirls of red and blue which twirled round and round the chocolate cone base impossibly high with crunchy nuts hidden in the thick, cold vanilla ice-cream.

Then he— thebastard— had added berry sauce. Thick, red, gloopy berry sauce; holding it high above the confection and dribbling it on like a soft sweet river of sugar, letting it trickle down the sides of ice-cream to dance enticingly along the rim of the cone.

“Want one?” he asked innocently as he paid for his treat.

Rose bit down on her lip, tempted beyond measure to take it off him and stick it on his head in retaliation for his unconscious seduction. Using that image helped her reply almost civilly. “No, thank you, Doctor,” youbastard “I can feel the calories from here.”

The Doctor paused with his mouth inches away from his treat and he glanced at her face before dropping his gaze down to graze over her neck and chest, lingering heatedly on her breasts before dripping down, sweeping over her hips and along her legs before climbing slowly, oh-so-slowly, back up.

He gave her a lascivious wink and grinned. “I told you, Rose, this fixation you have about putting on weight is ludicrous, ridiculous, daft even. I keep you fit enough with this lifestyle of ours running, running, running and, occasionally, hopping for our lives. I’m sure if you were in the slightest danger of becoming even a bit heavier there are all sorts we could do to help. I mean, exercise doesn’t have to be painful or hard; Diggrants from the third Delta moon have this marvellous way of bouncing their way fit and Gibbons roll it away, I mean literally roll down hills until it’s flattened. Oh, if you go to the Banana republic on Haitti’s second ring you can hula it away, imagine that, Rose, hula exercise.” He noticed her glare and smiled. “Where was I? Ah, yes. I like curves personally, something to hold onto—” her eyes widened and he added, “—when you’re running for your life. But exercising can be fun. In fact, some exercising can be very, very pleasurable,” his voice dipped low and he licked his upper lip slowly.

Rose swallowed. She wasn’t touching that one with a barge-pole.

“Riiii-ght. All the same, enjoy your ice-cream.”

“Oh, I will,” he promised wolfishly and he stared at the mountainous confection. “Won’t I, my beauty? Hmm, who’s a lovely sweet thing, hmm?”

Rose hid her smirk as he spoke coaxingly to his ice-cream and she started to walk away, shaking her head in bemusement.

The Doctor followed behind her. “You are gorgeous, yes you are. Totally luxuriant and delicious, tempting, tasty. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this. I’m going to lick you and suck you until you’re soft and pliant, and then, I’m going to devour you.”

Rose froze and spun on her heel. “Wh—” She tried for a lower decibel. “What did you just say?”

The Doctor blinked and gave her a totally innocent look. “Sorry, Rose, I wasn’t listening. I was talking to my ice-cream.”

“Sure.” youbastard.

He beamed manically at her and then ducked down to swipe his tongue over the base of the cone, capturing the red sauce on his tongue. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. “Mmmm, Rose,” he moaned.

Her jaw dropped at the blatant desire in his tone, his muttering of her name going straight through her. “W-what?”

His eyes fluttered open. “Rose, you have to try this. It’s like—” he searched for the words. “It’s like sin,” he breathed rapturously, “wrapped in an orgy of chocolate that just coats your tongue with slick velvety chocolateness and tangy sweet berries. It melts in your mouth like a good kiss and the taste explodes like an—”

“If you say orgasm, I’m gonna slap you,” Rose warned quickly, her face flushed. His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped.

“I wouldn’t!” he protested as she started to walk away, raising her hands to her hot cheeks. “Rose Tyler, you have a dirty mind!”

Dirty mind? Sin wrapped in chocolate? Orgy of taste? Good kiss? She had the dirty mind?

Rose narrowed her eyes and turned to give him another mouthful. But he’d got his own.

His tongue was wrapped around the ice-cream, licking waves of vanilla cream over and around, the crests of ice-cream trailing on his pink tongue in swirls as he pulled it into his mouth, sucking his cheeks in to get the full flavour, the action bringing those to-die-for cheekbones into play.

He dived in for another taste, cupping his lower lip over a stream of sauce and coating it in red berry delight. Another sweep of his tongue caught a tiny frosted nut and he dragged it into his mouth, his pearly teeth biting down hard. The nut exploded, crunchy shards of nutty goodness crushed beneath his teeth and sucked down into his long slender throat.

Rose whimpered. Oh god, that wasn’t fair.

“Mmmm,” he groaned and the sound shivered down Rose’s back.

His eyelashes drifted against his cheeks and he moaned deep in his throat as his mouth curled around the ice-cream like a lovers kiss. He wasn’t eating it so much as making love to it.

Rose closed her eyes, her mantra tumbling around in her brain faster and faster until it resembled a chanted encouragement.

Don’t jump the Doctor, don’t jump the Doctor. Go jump the Doctor.

No, she wasn’t going to give in. The Doctor did not see her like that. He was just naturally –abastard—orally fixated and was enjoying his food.
She wasn’t going to step over there and dump the ice-cream down his shirt then offering to lick it off. She wasn’t going to give in. she wasn’t.

“Are you sure I can’t tempt you, Rose?”

Her eyes slammed open at the hedonistic tone, the pure fierce longing in that deep seductive voice.

But there was something… Rose narrowed her eyes as she watched him, watched his eyes as he lazily regarded her. There was something in that expression; beneath the innocent question and random acts, hidden but still there, almost calculating. Was he…? He was!

Rose almost gaped. He was doing this one purpose. Thebastard!

What, did he think it would be funny to get her all riled up? Typical bloody man! Right. He thought he was going to tease Rose Tyler? He didn’t know the meaning of the word.

This meant war.

Rose cocked her head and gave a slow steady smile. “You know, I wouldn’t actually mind a lick.” Her teeth caught her lower lip as she sashayed closer, her eyes on the treat and not on his. “Just a small nibble.”

She stopped in front of him, all innocence and sweetness. “Is that okay, Doctor? Just a teeny, tiny … tiny taste?”

His throat worked but nothing came out of his mouth as it opened and closed.

Rose pouted. “Have you changed your mind, Doctor? Am I not allowed a small bite of your sweet? I won’t take much, promise!” she purred.

He swallowed and tried again. “Ok—,” a less shrill tone would suffice, “Okay, Rose. Have as much as you want.”

Rose beamed at him and ran her tongue along the edge of her teeth. “Ta.”

Closing her eyes, Rose ducked her head and wrapped her lips around the base of the confection, like she’d seen him do. She closed her mouth, sucking her lips together in a pursed pout as she lapped the vanilla ice-cream. With a mischievous glance she opened her eyes and darted her tongue out, capturing a  small trickle of berry sauce where it had dribbled down close to the Doctor’s tight fist, her tongue barely grazed his knuckle before she pulled her head away and brought a finger up to her lip, harnessing the escaping drop.

“Hmm,” she moaned. “You’re right, that is good.”

“Guh,” he managed.

She pulled away and gave him her brightest smile. “Thanks.”

And with that she turned and walked away leaving the Doctor staring behind her.



That, thought the Doctor, was not how it was supposed to go.

He’d had it all planned out; ice-cream, seductive licking, tempting words, heated desire, Rose throwing the ice-cream onto the sand and dragging him back to the TARDIS for repeated bouts of … well, he wasn’t fussy—although scrabble wouldn’t feature heavily there.

But that clever, clever minx had managed to turn the tables on him, yet again. Instead of throwing herself at him and ravishing him she’d neatly turned the tide and had him panting and wishing that she wasn’t wearing quite so many clothes.

Oh, she was not only clever and beautiful and tempting she had an iron will and a sneaky side to match his.

Rose Tyler was, to put it plainly, perfect.

So, maybe it was time to step up his plan of getting her to make the first move. It was time that she realised just who she was dealing with. It was time she understood that the Doctor was playing for keeps.

It was time for war.


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