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Fic- Question of Sex

Title- Question of sex 
Author- Fayth
Show/Ship- Doctor Who. Nine/Rose
Genre- Happy, slight fluff
Disclaimer-My Doctor obsession is getting out of control but i'm not delusional yet. Right Doctor?
Prompt- All Male
Summary- It's a differnt morality-- get used to it or go home. Or, ya know, research.
A/N- Happy!Who.

All Male


He watched as her eyes followed Jack’s lithe form as he left the console room to take a shower. Her eyes were a little too low to be watching his back and the Doctor found himself bristling at the pert bum as it swayed away; Jack was either more camp than he let on, or he knew Rose was watching: neither sat well with the Doctor.

Camp was fine, just not on his ship.

And flirting with Rose was … well, punishable by air-lock or at least freezing showers. With a smirk his hand slipped over the heating lever, turning it down slightly. It was never good to waste electricity, or energy particles.

His fingers danced over the controls as easily as they’d danced over Rose’s waist moments ago, but without the lingering caresses.

He loved his ship; just not like that.

Rose sighed and turned to him with a big smile. “Thanks.” Off his look she added. “For rescuing Jack.”

He shrugged. “Would’ve ruined my track record if I’d forgotten Captain Flash.” Even the thought was enough to make him grin manically. “You have any idea how rare this is, Rose. Everybody wins, everybody lives!” His eyes flashed happily. “No one was sick and if they were, they got better. Legs regrown, lives rebuilt, no death and no flaming destruction. It was … bloody brilliant!”

Rose laughed out loud, enchanted by his glee. “I’ve never seen you this giddy before.”

He spread his arms wide and laughed. “I know, it’s fantastic!”

She shook her head in admiration as much delight at his mood. “God, I love you like this. So happy.”

The smile didn’t leave his lips as he caught her eye and she blushed brightly as she realised what she’d said.

“I meant like—” She bit her lip and trailed off, embarrassed. But the Doctor couldn’t help grinning wider.

“How’s that then?”

She glared at him and folded her arms over her chest defensively.

He allowed her the silence, enjoying teasing her.

“Makes a change from ‘I mean men’.” His falsetto was as insulting as her words had been and Rose opened her mouth in protest.

“I just meant … you know … men men.”

He raised an eyebrow. “An’ I’m what? Dog men?”

“No!” She sat in the yellow chair by the console and licked her lips. “Do you remember when we first went to Balaruss Minor?”

“After Tetra and the mermaids?” he said, leaning against the central column. “Yeah, great place. Nice fish.”

“Yeah, they were pleasant, weren’t they? Anyway while we were there one of ‘em hit on me.”

He straightened, a flash of irritation as he remembered how much he didn’t like fish. “What?”

Rose shrugged self-consciously. “Yeah, I was a bit grossed out at first and then I remembered what you’d said about it being a different morality out here and I figured inter-species relationships were seen as okay, yeah. So when I got back to the TARDIS I read up on ‘em.” She pointed at him before he could say a word. “And yes, I can read, don’t act so shocked.”

The smirk didn’t leave his lips as he lifted one shoulder. “Never crossed my mind.”

“An’ I’m a Slitheen.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway I was doing some research and found out that different species had different ideas of what males and females were. On Min it’s the men who have the babies—did you know that?”

“Yeah.” Which was why he’d never been to Min.

“And on this tiny planet with pink moons men leave their bits at home when they go out.” Her eyes widened. “On some planets men aren’t allowed to look at women until they’re like twenty-five, on some it’s the women who’re in charge…” she paused. “And how comes you never take me to any of them.”

“Don’t want you getting any ideas,” he beamed, pleased and proud that she’d taken the trouble to find out something about the universe she was seeing.

“Not all alien men have their bits in the same place,” she blushed, “and some haven’t got any at all and reproduce with tubes and stuff. Loads are only interested in sex to get kids to carry on the race and some’ll do it with anything.” Rose frowned. “’s like you said, it’s different morality and I was trying to get used to it.”

It was the Doctor’s turn to frown.

Rose leaned back in her chair and let her amusement at his incomprehension show. “Just cuz it walks and talks like a man don’t make it a man. I’ve seen you dance with trees and mermaids but you’re an alien. How’d I know what you’re hiding under there?” She stuck her tongue between her teeth and grinned at him coquettishly.

He stared at that beautiful mouth and those enchanting eyes and thought about the pretty boy down the hall who’d dance with anything. He made up his mind.

“You coulda just asked.” He licked his own teeth and her eyes widened at the flirtatious tone to his voice.

She couldn’t believe he was going along with this and wondered if he was going to back off now. He’d eased the hurt to his masculine pride and he wouldn’t take it any further. Or would he?

“Well, Doctor,” Rose managed. “Exactly what’s hiding under that jacket?”

He pushed away from the console and sauntered casually off the central ring. He approached her, eyes intent on hers until he was scant inches away. He smiled lazily and reached up to brush a strand of blonde hair away from her startled eyes.

“Oh, Rose,” he breathed with a wicked grin. “It's all male.”

Rose grabbed the collar of his leather jacket and pulled him closer. “Prove it.”

The wolfish grin covered his face. “Your wish is my command.”

She nodded remembering his previous warning on that. “I’ll be careful what I wish for, then.”

“Oh no,” he said. “It’s too late for that.”

He grabbed her and plastered his lips against hers, his mouth seeking to devour. Rose moaned into his mouth as he raided it with all the expertise of a nine hundred year old pirate. Her hands fisted in the leather and his slid from the chair to her backside, yanking her in close against him.

Rose was able to tell exactly how male he was before she gave in to the sensation and thought no more.


Jack dripped his way down the TARDIS halls, goose-bumps on his skin and towel hanging around his waist. He thumped bare-footed towards the control room and pushed his hair out of his face as he started. “Great time machine but there is so not enough hot water in the—”

His eyes widened at the sight that greeted him and he stared appreciatively for a moment before realising that the Doctor’s ‘keep off or I’ll air-lock you’ stare was probably equally, if not more, applicable in this situation.

He backed away quickly, deciding that hot water was over-rated and went to find some way of cooling himself down.

Tags: 2prompt, doctorwho, fic
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