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Go on 7

Go On 7/10
Title- Go on
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who
Genre- Angst
Pairing- Mentions 9/Rose.
Disclaimer- If i owned Doctor Who, i'd bring season 3 out faster. And i'd bring Rose back. And i'd make Ten naked.
Spoilers- The Girl in the fireplace
Rating- PG-ESQUE
Summary- The Doctor thinks he has everything in hand. Rose knows better.


“Hallo!” The Doctor gave the guards a little wave and beamed broadly. “‘My, what big guns you have,’ said Red Riding Hood to the … prison guard, I suppose. That’s what you get for breaking and entering … or was that Sleeping Beauty? No, it was Goldilocks!” He shook his head. “Sorry, get those mixed up. Goldilocks was the larceny, breaking and entering and theft. Sleeping Beauty got a prick and fell asleep—” he trailed off, his brain catching up with his mouth and he wrinkled his nose. “You know, that story is just disgusting.”

As Rose bit back a laugh and looked out she could see the guards developing what she called the ‘Universal Doctor Look’; three parts confusion, one part irritation and all wondering exactly how they had lost control of the situation.

The gelatinous forms looked from the Doctor to each other and back again and the Doctor sighed heavily.

“So, where was I? Oh yes, you are guarding my TARDIS and doing a great job of it too, I might add. You know, I always wondered where you get good guards from. Is there a Guards ‘R’ Us? Maybe a Guard Emporium? Like a henchmen or minion factory. Hundreds of seemingly identical bodies just waiting to be slotted into cells and guarding positions, wonderful job opportunities with great benefits. Are there great benefits?”

One of the younger guards wobbled a bit and held up a tentacle, wondering if he was supposed to answer when the Doctor pointed to him. “Yes … err, what’s your name?”

“Rigglesbyt Glandefrebb-Gresh,” he said thickly. “I am newly appointed.”

“Wonderful!” the Doctor beamed. “Is it a good job, is it?”

“Yes.” Rigglesbyt nodded or least tried to, making a sucking sound like a blocked sewer. Rose gagged behind her pillar and wished the Doctor would hurry up.

The Doctor paused, like he had heard her and then quickly added. “And the benefits?”

Rigglesbyt glanced over to his fellow guards who were looking every bit as bemused as he felt. “We are allowed to shout.”

“Always important!” the Doctor clapped. “Shouting! I love a good shout, shout for the universe, that’s me. So shouting, good, yeah, what else? Do you get weekends off and union meetings, dinners and shiny uniforms?” He eyed their slimy mass. “Well, perhaps not the uniforms. The guns?”

Rigglesbyt nodded again, slime dripping down his neck. “Models of latest fashion.”

Brandybuck AK’s are they?” The Doctor said with interest. “Triple enforced fusion power with sonic blaster dependant on ray-tech?”

Mickey goggled behind his pillar. “Blimey!”

Rose frowned. Why was the Doctor talking about guns? He never used them himself, said that he didn’t believe in them. He must be trying to tell them something, which meant that he knew they were there. She listened closer, trying to think.

The guards had been as impressed as Mickey with his knowledge and were eager to show off skills that they rarely used or that the general public wouldn’t appreciate.

It was hard to appreciate the elegant lines or explosive qualities of a gun when it was being aimed at you.

“Oh, I’ve seen them in the factories of Villenguard,” the Doctor said modestly. “If I remember rightly, these models had so many special features. Digital pattern, digital rewind. I had a friend who swore by them. I know you’re supposed to be guarding and all that but could you show me exactly what they can do?”

The guards beamed, pleased to be allowed to get to use their gun’s special features.

Rose saw a problem with the plan as they pointed the guns at the very pillar she and Mickey were hiding behind.

She squeaked and frantically looked for other cover, but the Doctor held his hands up. “Uh, chaps? Probably best not to attack the support beams, don’t want all the ceiling to come down on us, do we?”

The guards shifted sheepishly, the actions wet and sticky, and they turned to fire at the opposite wall.

A low whine that reminded Rose of something that she couldn’t quite grasp echoed around the room and Mickey gasped.

“Hey, Rose, it just took a huge square out of the wall and then put it back!”

“Squareness gun,” Rose whispered. “Digital rewind. Jack.” Her voice softened.

“What, Captain Flash?” Mickey whispered back. “He had one of them things?”

The gun blasted again and shards of wood rained down nearby, long splinters landing close. Rose smiled at the potential weapons that had fallen into their laps and even Mickey grinned.

“Impressive,” the Doctor said delightedly. “What about a disruptor field? I thought most sonic enhanced weapons held that?”

Rose bit down hard on her lip at his words. “Sonic blaster, sonic disruptor, factories of Villenguard now a banana field. What?”  What had the Doctor been telling her?

A huge explosion erupted behind her.

“Marvellous!” The Doctor enthused. “Brilliant!”

“What is the meaning of this?” a voice hissed from the doorway and the Doctor spun to see the Chief standing in the doorway.

“Oh, hello, your boys were just showing me their special features.”

Rose got it and rolled her eyes at how slow she had been on the uptake.

The Doctor rocked back on his heels and beamed at the Chief.

“So, Chief— never did get your name. What was it, by the way? Not that it matters, I won’t be using it. Just curious, I do like to keep a tab on the names of fascist dictators, just in case. So hmm?”

The Chief glared at him and raised a slime-encrusted tentacle. “Kill him!”

The Doctor held up a hand. “Now, hang on!  I mean, don’t I get a trial? A wonderfully long trial with addendums and objections. I’ve always wanted one of them.”

The Chief seemed to expand with fury. “Inform on opening superior technology!”

“What, this?” the Doctor pointed at the TARDIS and laughed. “You want to get in there? Well, why didn’t you say so?”

That seemed to wrong-foot them.

“To get in there,” he said happily. “You need this!”

He held up the sonic screwdriver and the Chief’s eye widened.

The Doctor grinned. “Now if your boys could just stand aside, I’ll open it for you.”

The guards made to move but the Chief stopped them, watching the Doctor carefully. “Escape you could.”

“Without my companions?” The Doctor shook his head and spoke louder as if he was trying to push something home, push it hard to someone listening. “I would never leave them. Not while there was breath in my body and a chance.”

Behind the pillar, Rose stilled and looked at Mickey, a question in her eyes.

Okay, what was he on about now? He was always so confident that Rose would follow along; he was sure that she had faith in him, so what was he insinuating? Was there a message in his words? Maybe he was going to get into the TARDIS and dematerialise but he was telling her that he’d be back for them.

Was that his plan? Distract the guards by dematerialising the TARDIS?

Rose’s heart sank at the thought of being left—again—by the Doctor. No matter how much he reassured her, there was still a part of her that didn’t believe that he would be back.

Rose eyed the TARDIS and thought about watching her leave; thought about that gentle whoosh as she faded away, her blue walls vanishing from sight, like a mirage. Her stomach clenched and she actually felt sick.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t watch the Doctor go, even for a short while. If he was going anywhere then he was taking Rose and Mickey with him.

With a fierce burst of fear and anger, Rose knew that she was going to do everything in her power to stop the Chief and to get on board.

The Doctor had given her a clue and, like it or not, she was going to take her chances.

“See, my companion means the world to me. The universe. And while she—they are here, so am I. Incidentally,” he said, his voice changing from fierce determination to casual indifference, “you might want to move slightly to your left or your tentacle will get caught in the door.”

In a moment of weakness the Chief looked away and that was cue for Rose to leap into action.

She grabbed one of the shards of wood from the floor and brought it down sharply on the Chief’s head. Mickey picked up another piece of wood and hurled it at the guards, who fired instinctively, and ducked.

“Make ‘em shoot,” Rose hissed to Mickey and she raced out from her hiding place, pausing long enough for them to aim before she dodged behind another pillar. The place where she was just standing was reduced to flames.

“No!” the Doctor shouted, his eyes wide as the guards opened fire on Mickey and Rose.

Rose peered out from the pillar to see Mickey do the same in the opposite direction. She grinned nastily as she jumped out from behind her barrier and pulled a face at the guards.

Rigglesbyt shivered in agitation and shot at her.

“Oi!” the Doctor yelled frantically but it was too late.

Rose had time to drop to the floor and execute a perfect forward roll across the hanger as the pillar behind her evaporated.

Another guard blasted at Mickey who was lucky enough to be standing by a barrel of something non-explosive which he dropped behind.

Rose grabbed a discarded wooden splinter and threw it at the guards again, making them aim wide, shooting through one of the support plinths. With a crack and a shudder the whole room trembled.

“Oh, well done!” The Doctor yelled. “The whole place is going to come down on us!”

He raced for the TARDIS and ducked between two of the wide-eyed guards who were no longer sure what to do as debris started to rain down on them.

The Doctor yanked his key out of his pocket and inserted it into the lock, turning it as he spun to find Rose and Mickey— and both his hearts stopped.

The Chief had Rose wrapped in his tentacles, one pointing a gun at her head.

The Doctor stared horrified as the Chief spat something green and disgusting out of his mouth before pinning the Doctor with an evil glare.

“We have your companion, and your time ship now open! Need you not,” he snarled wetly.

The Doctor swallowed hard and stared at Rose, trying to comfort her with his eyes, to tell her with his expression that he wouldn’t let this happen to her.

But she wasn’t looking at him.

Instead she was looking over his shoulder into the TARDIS, her eyes fixed on the console. A tiny smile tripped her lips and she reached up to grab the tentacle that was wrapped around her chest, digging her nails into it.

The Chief growled and shook her. “Kill you, I will.”

“Rose, stop!” the Doctor urged, scared that she would anger the Chief into killing her. “It’ll be okay.”

A lump of masonry fell to the floor and Rose’s eyes darted to it. Unexpectedly her expression changed and she whimpered.

“But Doctor, how can it be okay? The whole place is going to fall in on us and he’ll kill you and I can’t fly the TARDIS when I’m scared, you know I can’t! I don’t want to be crushed.”

The Chief looked down at her and then back up at the fragile structure. He aimed his gun at the damaged support and hit digital rewind. There was an odd whine which faded quickly and the support was, once again, whole.

“Fixed now, no crushing,” the Chief soothed sardonically. “Fly it now?

“I could,” Rose said, her voice suddenly strong. “But see, the thing is, Chief, I don’t need to. I won’t and you can’t make me.”

“Kill you, I will!” he repeated and tightened his grip on the gun.

“Go ahead,” she taunted and the Doctor’s eyes widened at the risk she was taking.

“Rose, no!”

“Why?” sputtered the Chief bewilderedly and Rose spun in his arms, giving him a vicious grin.

“Because those special features? Really drain the batteries.”

She yanked away from him and he aimed at her. Rose spread her arms wide as he fired.


“See,” Rose laughed. “Deader than dead.” She spun on her heel to face Rigglesbyt. “Now you.”

“No!” the Doctor all but yelled even as the young guard fired.

Before his tentacle had hit the trigger, however, Rose had ducked and the bolt went straight into the Chief, hitting him square in the chest.

He looked down at the smoking hole where his heart used to be and there was a moment of utter silence as each person in the room caught up with what had happened. And then, slowly, like a freeze-frame movie the Chief flopped backwards, his body making a sick splat as it hit the debris laden floor.

No one moved for a long minute and then the Doctor simply stepped out of the TARDIS and grabbed Rose’s hand, dragging her back with him. Mickey staggered to his feet and followed them in.

The guards still hadn’t moved as the doors slid shut.

There was silence inside the TARDIS.

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