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Fic- Young at Heart


Series Title- Young at heart
Title- Promises to keep  
Author- Fayth
Show/Ship- Doctor Who. Ten/Rose
Genre- Fluff/Drama
Rating- YT, T, PG13
Disclaimer- I'll offer a reward for the safe return of Peter Carlisle. I'll swop Ianto.
Summary- The Doctor's oral fixation gets him into a kind of trouble that Rose can't deal with.
A.N- Muito Gracias to my Beta Brooke.

Chapter 2


The deep dark canvas of night allowed the thousands of lights to illuminate the purple sky with dazzling pinpricks of white. A vast ocean of velvet with stars twinkling away as torches burned bright, music swirled in the air and people danced along the streets, lost in sensation and elation as they toasted life.

The Doctor had forgone his usual brown coat and wrapped a sheet of gold around him, blending in a sun-mask of purest gold. His grin almost outshone the sun as Rose came out of the wardrobe dressed all in silver; the moon to his sun.

They made their way through the streets sampling the delicacies on offer and laughing in delight at the acts that were performed in the street; Rose laughing hardest as the walking dog took a shine to the Doctor and followed him about breathing fire at his heels.

At almost midnight he took her hand and waltzed her in the square, hauling her close and swaying side to side as the moon beat down and the drums played.

Rose closed her eyes and leaned into him, enjoying the moment so much that she didn’t realise when an hour had passed and the drums suddenly stopped, silence echoing in the square.

The Doctor stepped back, his expression hidden behind his mask. A sort of chanting rose from the crowds and, for the first time that night, Rose began to feel uneasy.

A graceful woman in green robes stood in front of the fountain and held her arms up gesturing for silence and the noise immediately died down. Rose edged closer to the Doctor, taking his hand as she watched the effortlessly elegant movements of the woman as she commanded the crowd’s attention. Rose guessed that she was some kind of high official, maybe even a priestess. When she spoke she expected everyone to listen and her voice carried across the night.

“For centuries our people have benefited from the fruits of time. Tonight we honour and acknowledge that the secret is not of our own divining. That the light that fell from space was a gift granted to our people. A gift we share.” She raised her arms to the heavens and called loud. “We thank the Gods of space and time, we thank the sun and moon and life and even death for our gift. To be responsible and peaceable, to love and do no harm is our creed and that which makes us worthy to receive of the gift; we offer back our love to the universe.”

“Love to the universe,” chanted the crowd.

“Through space and time we give thanks to you.”

“And we make our pledge to be worthy,” the people chanted.

The Doctor tightened his grip on Rose’s hand, knowing that she was slightly uneasy here despite her earlier resolve. 

He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to do this,” he whispered in her ear, his voice clear to her despite the chanting. “I understand. It’s a lot to ask.”

And it was; Rose knew that. She had promised him forever, she’d said it to him as clear as day and she’d meant it at the time. But now it came to it and he was asking her to prove it; to put her money where her mouth was. Could she go through with it?

Her insides squirmed and she felt her hands go cold.

“As a gesture of our profound gratitude we offer the gift of life to guests here, weary travellers. Come forth and partake.” The woman stepped back and swept a hand towards the frothy fountain which glowed in the moonlight.

The Doctor took a breath and pulled Rose with him, despite her reluctance.

He stood in front of the fountain. “As a traveller I respect your creed and thank you for the gift you offer.” He leaned over and picked up a golden cup, dipped it into the pink water and brought it to his lips. He locked eyes with Rose.

“To time.”

A deep cold swept Rose’s belly as he sipped the liquid before handing the cup to her.


She gingerly took the chalice from him and tried not to let him see her hands shake. She glanced down at the pink water and swallowed hard. What would this water do to her? Would it do what her mother had been so afraid of and make her not quite human. She’d already lost a year of her life thanks to the TARDIS’s dodgy time-keeping. She wanted to stay with the Doctor, but at what cost?

She looked up.

His eyes were intent on hers, eyes that proclaimed that he would never do anything to hurt her, ever; eyes that simply asked her to show what he meant to her. She knew that if she handed him back the chalice he’d understand, his eyes told her that, his smile shouted it loud. He knew what he was asking, knew what she was afraid of and he would understand if she couldn’t do it.

But could she?

She looked down at the water and the way her hand was wrapped around the chalice, the hand that he held like a life-line; the hand that touched his face to tell him that she loved him; the hand that he needed to hold.

She’d promised him forever. Did she mean it?

Her decision made, Rose tipped back the cup and drank and he smiled beautifully at her.

Thank you,
he mouthed as she handed him back the cup, fingers brushing each other gently. Rose nodded, feeling the liquid trickle down her throat to pool in her belly.

“Now let us all drink and feast!” yelled the woman and a cheer echoed through the crowd as they pushed forward to sip their own slice of immortality.

Rose and the Doctor eventually made their way to the edge of the city and they stopped on the hill overlooking the festivities where they had parked the TARDIS.

He slipped his hand into hers and grinned widely. “Magical, isn’t it?”

“Do they keep their promise?” Rose wanted to know. “You know all that don’t harm and be peaceful stuff?”

“Oh, yes, for a few thousand years at least.” He yawned widely.

Rose gave him a quizzical look. “You all right? You look … tired.”

“I’m fine.” He shook his head. “Great even. Just feeling a little dizzy.”

Rose reached out for him and he leaned into her. “Probably had more wine than was sensible. I’ve not indulged in such a long time.”

His smile was still manic if a little scatty and Rose decided to file this part away as blackmail.

“Well, whatever, I’ve had a great night,” she said. “But I think it’s time we were in bed.”

His eyes twinkled. “Rose Tyler, I thought you’d never ask!”

Rose’s jaw dropped at the blatant proposition. “You’ve definitely had enough to drink.”

“Who me? Oh, I’m high on life!” He giggled and started to spin, only to fall into Rose’s open arms.

“And vodka,” Rose tittered. “I never knew you were such a lightweight.”

She dragged him back to the TARDIS and kicked the door closed behind her.

“You know this is just like clubbing with Shareen, always had to haul her and Mickey back after a night out. None of you can hold your drink.”

“I’ll have you know that I once drank Zaphod Beppl- Zaffid Beett… Zipphod Boot… Jayne Cobb under the table.”

“Well, I hope she appreciated it,” Rose said, puffing as she dragged him down the hall.

“Who? She who?” The Doctor frowned.

“Jayne.” Rose grinned, loving this silly side to her Doctor.

“Jayne’s a he. He’s Jayne. Jayne’s a man! Manly man.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Rose humoured him and opened the door to his room. She laid him on the bed and took off his shoes and mask, draping them over the chair in the corner.

She tucked his black duvet over him and smoothed down his hair. With an affectionate grin she leaned over and planted a kiss on his forehead. “G’night, Doctor.”

“Night Rose, my Rose.”

She shook her head, grinning at his muttering as he started to slide into sleep. “Rosy Rose. My Rose. You look so beautiful in the moonlight.”

Rose turned quickly but all that came from the bed were soft snores.

She switched off the light and went to bed herself visions of them dancing together stuck in her dreams.



Rose Tyler was not a morning person.


Rose Tyler was NOT a morning person, it deserved to be repeated and reiterated and reaffirmed that Rose Tyler was not at her best in the morning.

The Doctor had learned this lesson early in their relationship and usually treated pre-9.30am Rose with the same care and consideration he would a poisonous snake loaded with Nitro-9.

Hand her the tea and back away very, very slowly.

Once she’d taken caffeine into her system and began to resemble something akin to a human being, he’d breathe a sigh of relief and set off for their next adventure, safe in the knowledge that whatever happened that day, whoever attacked or shot at him; it wouldn’t be Rose.


Rose loved the fact that she could waken in her own time without being hassled to get up to go to work, or to get the shopping in or to answer the phone or something equally banal. The Doctor never disturbed her in her own room and only ventured close when she was in the kitchen.

Which was why the creaking open of her bedroom door was enough to rouse her from sleep.

The soft scrape of door against carpet rustled into her unconscious mind and prodded her towards reality.

She turned over underneath her warm soft duvet and blinked at the light streaming into her room from the fake window the TARDIS had installed. Most mornings it showed a different view and she could just see the hint of a golden pink pyramid telling her that this morning’s sunshine came from the triple sun planet H’rostgh; only pronounceable with a sore throat.

The door was pushed open a little more and Rose peered over the top of her mountainous duvet.

She couldn’t see anything so she pushed it down a little more, and then a little more still. And jumped.

Standing in her bedroom, small hand holding tight to the doorframe, was a little boy.

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