Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Games of the Orally Fixated Part 4

Title- Games of the orally fixated 4- Turning the tables
Author- Fayth
Show- Doctor Who. Ten/Rose
Rating- M.
Genre- Heated fluff
Disclaimer- Hey if RTD can rip offf JKRowling then he has no room to throw stones!
Summary- The war starts with the first round of sticky goodness.
A/- To everyone who has been asking for the next installment to Games.

Games of the orally fixated part 4- Turning the tables


The Doctor had read Lolita some time in his fourth incarnation. Before then, the idea of sex and sexuality had been something that he regarded almost as he did ice-skating—something interesting and entertaining but not really for him.

His fourth incarnation, however, had been somewhat more open-minded and he’d finally given into the temptation to read some of those “classics” that had been touted by his previous companions.

He couldn’t say he enjoyed the book; precocious children with a premature awareness of their own illicit allure held no appeal for him and men with weak wills and heavy libido’s left him tossing the volume aside in resignation over man’s weaknesses and disgust for what passed as entertainment.

The one thing he did remember though was the picture from the later film based—loosely—on the book, of the beautiful young girl with pigtails and short skirt, lying on her beach blanket lost in her book. It was a childlike and yet erotic picture; a mixture of both innocence and artifice that drew him in…from a purely philosophical point of view, of course.

It was, however, eclipsed by the far more enticing one that was in front of him.

Rose Tyler sat in the plastic chair, her feet braced against the console with a book in her lap. Her hair was in tidy little blonde plaits by each side of her rosy cheeks, the ends tickling her face.

She would have presented a sweet image of an industrious student; if it wasn’t for the lollipop.

Where the hell Rose had got a cherry red lollipop from, on board the TARDIS, the Doctor had no idea, but he was torn between chastising the blue box and getting down on his knees in thanks.

His plans for the evening had been forgotten as she settled in and started…to suck.

The Doctor had been intending to fix the lateral transformers on the underside of the control panel as they’d been playing him up for some time. He’d taken off his jacket and had slunk underneath the console to start rewiring.

He’d paused in his ministrations when Rose’s bare legs appeared in his field of vision and she crawled into the plastic chair by the console. He’d come out to smile at her and was slightly taken aback at her short denim skirt and halter top since it wasn’t often that Rose exposed that much skin.

His gaze danced along the satiny soft skin of her toned legs and past luscious curves before meeting her dancing eyes and darting quickly back to the lateral transformers.

“Nice outfit,” he’d said nonchalantly and Rose just smiled.

“Don’t mind me; I’m just catching up on some reading.”

That had been over an hour ago and it was getting steadily harder to ignore the girl in her seat.

With each slight shift to her position, the Doctor was aware of her like a magnet slowly drawn to another. Attentive to every breath, aware of each heartbeat and pulse point; he could hear the slide of skin against skin as she crossed her legs and the whisper of material when she turned the page.

Every sigh held his attention and every rustle dragged his eyes back to her form. He was making very little headway on his task and then she dragged out the lollipop from her pocket and ‘very little’ changed to ‘none at all’.

He watched in rapt enthrallment as Rose delicately unwrapped the treat from its cellophane wrapper, her pink-tipped fingers manipulating the transparent material in one hand as she absently turned the page with the other.

His eyes followed the smooth movement of her wrist as she brought the sweet to her mouth with such aching slowness that his hand clenched the forgotten wires in anticipation.

The red circle of crystalline sugar disappeared into her hot mouth and plump, glossy lips closed around the white stick.

His own mouth went dry as her sharp cheekbones arched and her eyes closed in brief enjoyment of her delicious snack.

Rose sunk down in the seat and her head arched back, exposing her long slender neck for his spellbound gaze.

He imagined going over her there and biting at that throbbing pulse point, nibbling at her delectable collar bone and running his tongue up her jaw to bite her ear lobes.

With a slight shudder, as if she had read his thoughts, Rose returned to her book, eyes flickering over the page to find her place whilst her mouth worked at the lollipop.

The Doctor swallowed hard as she reached for the end of the stick and dragged the sweet in and out of her mouth, her tongue curling around the red slick circle.

Pearly white teeth nipped at the head of the confection and her tongue swirled over it, licking and sucking at the cherry goodness.

In his 900 odd years (some very odd) the Doctor had found few things as captivating as the sight of that sugary sweet disappearing and being wound around the mouth of one human girl.

She didn’t even know what she was doing.



Rose bit back a grin as the Doctor swallowed again and looked down at the wires in his hands as if he wasn’t sure quite what they were.

She leaned back, rubbing her hand across the top of her chest and could see his eyes follow the motion intently, a heated look burning in his pupils.

With a mew of amusement she curved her lips around the sweet and let her expression show her delight at her book. She pulled the lollipop out of her mouth and trailed it along her lips, pretending that she was lost in the tale that was being spun for her.

In truth she had no idea what was going on in the story and would be hard pressed to even tell the title of the story.

She was far too interested in the Doctor’s reaction to her little game and she was well rewarded for her patience.


As the red sucker trailed over her lips, leaving a small trace of wetness behind on her luscious mouth the Doctor felt his control waver.

He wanted to go over there and yank the book from her lap throwing it in lustful abandon to lay discarded against one wall while he captured her attention.

He wanted to fuse her lips to his and see what the lollipop tasted like second hand, devouring her heat and savour her unique flavour. He wanted to bite down on those lips and feel the satiny softness of her legs for himself.

He wanted to haul her to him and caress those curves, drag his fingers through her hair and tug out those braids, winding through the wavy tendrils and sliding his tongue into her mouth, hearing her groans and moans echo in his ears as she surrendered to him. She’d throw her head back and allow him to scrape his teeth along her collar, leaving possessive trails of ownership on her skin.

She’d turn to putty in his hands, melting beneath his touch as he wrung every nuance of pleasure out of her nerves. He’d take off her clothes one by one until she was spread beneath him in all her glory and he’d slide within, inch by agonising inch heightening the seduction with whispered declarations and intentions until she was shaking in his embrace and then he’d watch her come apart under his hands, writhing in desire and ecstasy until she started to splinter; back arching and hands grasping for him, screaming his name like he was her own personal deity, screaming for her…


He jumped, his fevered imaginings amalgamating Rose’s voice with his fantasy, and with a frustrated tension his hands clenched involuntarily.

He heard a distinct crack and stared down with some surprise at the broken sonic screwdriver.



Rose stared at the broken piece of metal with some consternation and no little amusement.

The Doctor held it up to the light.

“Oops?” Rose offered, biting down on her lip.

“It snapped!” he sounded heart-broken. “I snapped it!”

“Why would you do that?” she asked pseudo-innocently.

He opened and closed his mouth several times trying to come up with any other explanation than “spontaneous erotic combustion”.

“Well, you see, Rose,” he began, rubbing his ear, “when the rewiring flux on the temperature gauge gets too exacerbated, the heat can transcend the electrical circuits, transfer to alternate sources within the same molecular structure and excite the atoms to the same—”

“English please?” Rose challenged and he looked away.

“Err the backlash made it hot, fragile and it sort of melted.”

Rose giggled but straightened her face quickly at the Doctor’s continued dismay.

“Poor thing, can it be fixed?”

He sniffed. “With some TLC and a melding iron, maybe even a sonic constructor, it’ll take time but she’ll soon be good as new.”

Rose smiled and stood up. “I’ll let you get back to that then, won’t do to distract you.”

“Distract me?” he said with a casual tone which was so obviously fake Rose grinned.  

She gathered her book with a secret smile and turned her back. “I think I’ll go and have a hot shower. I could do with the soothing pound of water on my back. Nothing like a good massage to get the muscles feeling all nice and relaxed.”

With that last comment Rose left the Doctor alone in the console room, his throat dry and pulse racing.

“D—” he cleared his throat and tried again. “Don’t bother to leave any hot water for me.” He looked down. “I don’t think I’ll be needing it.”  


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