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Sweet Mistakes

Series Title- Sweet Mistakes
Title- Chapter 6
Author- Faythbrady
Genre- drama-esquey stuff.
Disclaimer- I only own this in a timey-whimey swirley kind of way.
Summary- The Doctor finds that sometimes the wrong turn can be so very right.

Chapter 6

Thankfully Mickey had been joking about the karaoke and he had backed off in fits of laughter at the colour that the Doctor had gone—no one should ever be forced to turn that shade of green. Jackie too, had thought it funny and had even converted Martha with her high-pitched hysterics, leaving the Doctor muttering about fair-weather friends and leaving certain people in the mud-swamps of Traxis VIII.

“Oh, come on, it was a little bit funny.” Martha poked at him. “Lighten up.”

He gave her a lopsided smile. “Hilarious, remind me never to tell you of drinking with Jack and Rose and the dangers of potted plants.”

Martha blinked at the mention of the reason that they were here, something that she had tried to block out. “Right.” She bit her lip. “Bet you’ll be glad to see her again.”

“Rose?” His voice took on that hushed, slightly reverent quality it always got when she was brave enough to bring up his previous companion.

“Yeah.” Martha regarded him steadily.

He nodded carefully. “It’s always good to see old friends again.”

Martha snorted. “Old friends? That isn’t all she is.”

She was aware of the jealous tinge to her voice and hated herself for the weakness. It wasn’t as if the Doctor had ever expressed any interest in her as anything other than a friend and travelling companion, and, to be honest, it wasn’t that she wanted anything more. The Doctor was an alien and she saw the parts of him that unnerved her as often as the parts that tempted her. Maybe it was her fragile female ego that wanted his attention even though it wouldn’t be returned.

“Was.” He swallowed and sniffed, looking away. “I’ve had many companions over the years, Martha. Some I liked more than others and can’t say I didn’t, but in my own way I do like them all. They all mean something to me.”

She swiped at her spiky fringe. “Yeah?”

“Yes.” He looked her dead in the eye. “Whatever happens with Rose, Martha, I won’t leave you on your own. You’re as special to me as any of my friends. It … it probably won’t be like it was before,” he admitted, “but I want us all to at least try to get along. I understand if it’ll be difficult but—”

Martha suddenly smiled, realising that he was struggling to put words to his emotions. He did love her, she knew he did, but it was just as friends and she was fine with that. She loved him as friend. She wanted to be someone special to him and she was.
She was the one to prod him out of feeling sorry for himself whenever Rose was mentioned and she was the one who told him when to shut up.

At least his words assured her that he still wanted her with him, no matter how things turned out with Rose.

She nudged him with her elbow, feeling a light-headed relief that she wouldn’t be left behind. “I’m sure I’ll get on with her. If her room is anything to go by, we’ll at least be able to go shopping together; girl talk and all that.”

His eyes widened in horror, imagining Martha and Rose shopping together with him as bag boy; endless rounds of ‘does this make me look fat’; thousands of dressing rooms or—even worse—the girls without him, laughing over his falling into the marshes in Nerrib or being slapped by Jackie Tyler or failing to spot the Nestene.
Rose and Martha and the TARDIS united against him. PMT. He shuddered.

“Or maybe not. I mean you’ll probably hate her, despise her in fact. You probably shouldn’t even talk to her.”

Martha laughed at the nervous expression on his face, patting him fondly on the shoulder and walked away, leaving him pouting into pink lemonade. She made her way over to Mickey and Jake who were pretending to DJ the saccharine pop tunes that the tiny pink sugar-hyped girls had insisted upon.

She loved the noises that surrounded her, the very human laughter and singing. It made her feel so at home and she grinned broadly at Mickey. He nodded back.

“All right?”

“Yeah, having a blast.” She waved her glass at him. “Although being a doctor, I should tell you that this much sugar really isn’t good for you.”

“Yeah?” He swigged his own pink concoction and grimaced. “Nothing scarier that little girls on a sugar high—even Slitheen.”

Martha nodded and flicked her eyes over to where the Doctor sat back staring down into his cup like it held the answers to the universe.

“That karaoke thing was funny; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him go that colour. I don’t think humans can go that colour.”

“Well, he’s not human, is he?” Jake answered as he attempted to mix a Spice Girls hit with a harsh backbeat and got squeaky feedback. They all winced.

“True,” Mickey said when they’d all got their ear drums back in working order. “Although I think he went that colour once when Jack goosed him in Cardiff.”

Martha frowned. “The Doctor won’t go to Cardiff—hates it there.”

Mickey stared at her for a long moment and the shrugged. “I guess the Doctor is different; he changes a lot you know—has he told you about regeneration yet?”

Martha nodded. “Dies, gets another go at it but with a different face.” She frowned again. “I can’t imagine it, really. That he’s the same person but with a different face. It doesn’t seem possible and I’ve seen a load of mad things with that box of his.”

“He didn’t tell us about it,” Mickey offered, snatching “hits of the Smurfs” off Jake with a frown. “We had to find out the hard way. He used to have these massive ears and this huge nose. Then the next thing we know he’s this pretty boy.” He shook his head. “Threw Rose for weeks. They had huge issues for ages. Course they worked through it, knew they would.” He shared an odd look with Jake as he dumped the record in the bin where it belonged.

Martha regarded Mickey. “So the Doctor and Rose, what are they like together then? I mean you travelled with them both.”

Mickey gave a soft snort. “Might as well not have. I swear when the two of them get together it’s like nothing else in the world exists—no, nothing else in the universe. You’ll see what I mean.” He paused. “It took me a long time to get over the fact that the Doctor and Rose were like one, yeah? It’s like Bonnie and Clyde, Gin and Tonic, salt and vinegar, the Doctor and Rose—it was like they were inseparable. When they were together it was like the whole world revolved around them and I didn’t exist.” He sighed and looked at Martha. “Rose has grown up a lot and she agrees that they were a bit obnoxious—god when it was the three of them they were like the smug brigade!”

Martha giggled. “I really have to meet this Jack guy.”

Mickey couldn’t stop the grin that crept across his face. “Oh, you’d love him. He’d love you. Flirted with anything, proper Captain Flash.” Something made him look up and across the room and he stilled. “Hold up, Martha Jones. You’re about to see what I mean.”

Martha half turned just as the Doctor’s head shot up and fixed, like a homing beacon, on the woman who walked through the doors.

It was like the whole room seemed to freeze and go silent as the woman walked into the room, her walk graceful and confident, blonde head held high and hands clutching a ragged rucksack.

The Doctor surged to his feet the instant he saw her and her eyes caught his from across the room, like a bad romance movie, and her walk stilled, foot hanging in mid air.

Martha watched as Rose Tyler, the Rose Tyler, caught sight of her Doctor for the first time in seven years.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly. She froze in mid-step and her expression was one of severest hope, desperation and disbelief. Martha couldn’t see the Doctor’s expression but she could guess that his mirrored hers, that he was even now gathering that smile that she had only ever seen once, that smile that seemed to make everything all right and make your heart sing.

Rose took a step forward and then another, dropping her rucksack and throwing herself into the fast approaching Doctor’s arms. He enclosed her in his arms and held her, swinging in mid-air.

A bright smile broke over his features as he swung the blonde around and Martha felt a pang at the happiness that she hadn’t known he was capable of. But if his smile was glowing then the girl’s was nothing less than a super nova, delight emanated from every pore as she held to him tightly, her hands clutching at his blue suit and head tucked firmly into his shoulder, laughing and crying with glee.

He pulled away and Rose dropped to her feet, but his hands were on her face before she could do so much as blink and he held her face in his grip, forcing her eyes to meet his own.

“It’s me.” His tone demanded that she believe him, that he believe it.

“It’s you,” she breathed.

“I’m here,” he insisted and she nodded, like she couldn’t make the words come out.

“Fantastic,” she managed and he laughed damply, Martha realised that he was crying and she felt her heart lurch for him.

“Rose Tyler, I … I … did I mention it also travels in time?”

Rose burst into tears and wrenched his hands away from her face, kissing his palms before wrapping herself in his embrace again. He kissed the top of her head, squeezing her tightly before pulling her away again, kissing her cheeks and eye-lids before finding her mouth and devouring her sobbed words with his own lips.

Rose pulled herself into his arms tighter until there was no telling where the Doctor ended and she began, she reached up on tip-toes to jam her hands in his hair, tugging at thick handfuls of his locks to bring him closer.

Martha had to look away at the desperate embrace, feeling like a voyeur but unable to help herself from glancing back up to the ecstatic couple.

Rose pulled away, dragging herself unwillingly from his arms and searched the Doctor’s familiar eyes. “Hello.”

He laughed out loud, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. “Hello, Rose Tyler.”

“Thought you said this was impossible?”

He shrugged. “You know me; I like to do six impossible things before breakfast.”

She sniffed and wrinkled her nose. “I thought that was Alice.”

“Based loosely on me,” he said indignantly, unable to stop the beaming grin from crossing his face. “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

“Seven years late.” Rose’s voice was low and sad and the jovial tone he had adopted faded along with his casual smile as he reached up to stroke her face.

“I’m sorry. I’m so—”

Rose placed a finger over his lips, cutting him off. “I don’t care. I don’t care how you got here or if it was an accident. You’re here, yeah, I’m not, like, dreaming or anything.”

“Dream of me often?” he teased, tears starting to dry in his eyes.

“Only every night for the past seven years,” she paused, “except that one night where I dreamed of flying fish and a man with a trout for a head.”

He burst into laughter and hugged her tightly to him. “You can stop dreaming now, Rose Tyler, you have me back.” He looked deep into her eyes. “And I’m not letting you go.”

With a small movement he bent at the waist and lifted her into his arms, holding her against his body as he made for the door.

Martha watched them go with a wistful smile and gave a small wave at his retreating back. “Hi, my name’s Martha, nice to meet you,” she said quietly and Mickey reached over to pat her on the back in sympathy.

“See what I mean? Universe doesn’t exist.”

Martha bit her lip and nodded as the door swung shut behind her best friend and the woman he loved.

The Doctor cradled Rose in his arms and charged towards the grand staircase, he gave it a quick glance and then darted his eyes back to the giggling woman in his arms.

“No way are you going to make those stairs with me,” she laughed. “Put me down, wimp.”

“Right,” he said in mock affront, “just for that I’m not going to let you come for hours.”

Rose gasped at the overtly sexual reference. He had changed, time was –seven years—he would never have even hinted at anything like that let alone said it out loud.

He grinned at her obvious surprise and leaned down to nuzzle her cheek with his nose. “I’ve spent too long with you not saying things. Well, important things. Ordinary things I just say, always talking, that’s me. A good monologue confuses people and works wonders for…” he frowned. “What was I saying?”

Rose shook her head, amusement dancing in her eyes. “You were saying that you were going to talk more. The world trembled.”

“Oi!” he poked her nose. “Less of the backchat, Miss Tyler, I have come over several thousand million miles to tell you this. Uh. Where was I? Oh, yes. I’ve spent too long with you not saying things. Now, I’m just going to say them.”


“Rose Tyler…” she held her breath “You’ve lost too much weight and have not been taking care of yourself. Look at you, hair by razor, tan by sun block!”

Rose pushed herself out of his arms and dropped to the floor, her hands on her hips in feigned annoyance.

“Bloody typical. I’ll have you know I’ve been climbing mountains and saving the Earth and…and…ooh! Essence of romance you are! You’ve got me in your arms and all you do is insult me!”

He scratched the back of his neck. “Oh. Was that rude?”


“Sorry,” he offered sheepishly and gave her a little-boy pout. “All I meant was that I want to take you back with me to take care of you.”

“Better,” she acquiesced reluctantly.

“—and, uh, I’ve missed how you always looked to me,” he tried and stepped forward.

Rose allowed him that and nodded slightly, softening.


“—and, uh,” he beamed, “Gosh, Rose, you’ve lost weight, you look great, did you do something with your hair?”

Rose erupted into laughter and threw her arms around him, her face tucked into his collar as she let seven years of angst burst out in a torrent of relief.

“Don’t ever change,” she gasped when she caught her breath.

“Or you,” he added seriously and brought her chin up to place an almost chaste kiss on her lips.

Rose melted into the kiss and this time didn’t protest as he swung her into his arms and climbed the stairs.

With her whispered directions into his ear it didn’t take long for the Doctor to find the bedroom allocated to a rarely-at-home Rose and kick the door shut behind him.

He took three steps and hefted her onto the bed, landing beside her in one bounce.

His manic grin was in full bloom as he gazed into her eyes. “Hello.”

Rose giggled. “You said that already.”

“Repetitive yet thorough,” he offered before leaning up on one elbow to stare down at her. “Rose Tyler you are more beautiful than I remember.”

Rose blushed. “Flatterer.”

He ran a finger over her cheek marvelling that he was here with her after so very long. It slid over her satiny soft skin to trace the features he had dreamed about since the moment he had lost her, and possibly before, if he was brutally honest.

With infinite care he leaned down and pressed a soft, almost chaste kiss to her lips which parted gently in a sigh.

“Rose,” he breathed and rubbed his upper lip against hers. With tiny baby kisses across her mouth he edged up the bed, letting one elbow take his weight as his other hand slid up to caress her side.

He nibbled at her lips and Rose gladly let him deepen the kiss, her fingers reaching up to tangle in his thick hair. She groaned into his mouth as he tightened his hold on her tank top and let his thumb inch under the material to sweep against her hip.

The Doctor pressed small kisses to corner of her lips and moved across them slowly, savouring her taste which he had denied himself.

It had been centuries since he had allowed himself to indulge in this and he couldn’t think of anyone that he would prefer to be with. All he knew was that he wanted.

He wanted to feel her curl into him like she used to do to her duvet, he wanted to feel her open up beneath him and accept him, warming him with her hotter body temperature

He wanted to feel her hands tremble against his skin in need and desire, he wanted to feel her breath catch in her throat like it always did when he showed her something new and marvellous..

Rose sighed heavily, breathily, as he gently kissed the bridge of her nose allowed his cool lips to drift up to her earlobe.

“Doctor!” she groaned and he felt a shudder of bliss at her words.

“Yes, Rose?”


He froze. What? What? He pulled away and looked down at a hazy eyed Rose.


Rose looked away and bit her lip. “I haven’t seen you in seven years,” she whispered. “I’ve changed; I have no idea what’s happened to you in all that time. You might be different, I know I am. I don’t want us to rush into this and regret it if we aren’t how we used to be.”

The Doctor swallowed, a lump growing in his throat at her words and her seeming inability to look at him. “Right,” he cleared his throat. “Right. Umm.”

He pulled back further, disappointment but understanding warring in his stomach and in his hearts. “I understand, makes sense, I guess. We should, uh...” He had no idea what to say then, much less what to do, when Rose looked up at him, eyes glinting.


He gaped as she giggled.

“You should have seen your face!”

He found his voice, high with indignation. “Rose Tyler, that was mean!”

“Quite right too,” she mocked and his face dropped, chastened.

“Ah, yes, well.”

She poked him in the chest. “Seven years, mister. Couldn’t just give in easy, ya know. Girl gets a reputation if she puts out on the first date.” She stuck her tongue between her teeth in a teasing manner which beguiled him.

“Ah!” He held up a finger. “Our first date was chips after watching the world blow up.”

Rose nodded, lying back down. “So it was.”

He stroked her stomach languorously. “Our second date was the theatre in Cardiff.”

“It was being attacked by ghosts!” she protested as she arched towards his touch. “Not exactly romantic.”

“Oi, I took you to Downing Street.” His hand tickled her side as it made its way up her chest.

Rose’s breath caught in her throat at the delightfully sensual feel of his fingers on her flesh. “We were being arrested at the time.”

“Escorted,” he corrected his head dropping to plant a kiss to the skin uncovered by his wandering hand. “Okay, third date, plasma storm eating ice cream.”

“Dancing during the Blitz.” Her eyes drifted closed and she bit down on her lip as he cupped her breast, nimble fingers working their magic.

“Satellite Five. Our first kiss.”

Sadness expanded in her eyes, briefly chasing away desire. “You died.”

He stroked her face and pressed another kiss to each eyelid and cheek bone. “Making out in New Earth.”

“Wasn’t me,” she reminded him and hissed as his tongue did something wonderful to her ear.

“I dreamt it was,” he confessed. “Our second kiss.”

“You dreamt of it?” She grinned against his throat. “How did it go?”

“Like this.” The kiss she received was deep, soulful and hard enough for her to feel his lips tremble.

“Dinner dance on the moon,” she breathed in between caresses.

“Playing snooker on Alpha Three.”

“Chocolate after freeing the Coltassians.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Riding my Vespa,”

“That sounds dirty,” she giggled.

He poked her nose playfully. “By my count we’ve had at least three years of ‘dating’. I’ve been remarkably patient.”

Rose pretended to deliberate, even as her fingers made their way under his shirt to find that elusive mole. “In that case it would be really rude to make you wait, wouldn’t it?”

He reached down and grabbed at her hands, quite serious. “I’ll wait for you. If you truly aren’t ready, Rose. I’ll wait.”

A soft smile of pure love and affection swept over her. “Seven years. I’ve waited long enough, Doctor. I love you.”

The words grabbed at his heart. “And I…I…”

She touched a finger to his lips. “I know. You don’t have to say it, I know.”

He dropped his head into the hollow of her neck and gripped her body with both hands, melting into her. “Don’t leave me, Rose, stay with me forever and ever. You promised you would. You made your choice a long time ago and I can’t—” he raised his head to fix her with intense eyes “—I can’t let you go again. Not again.”

She tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. “Good thing I’m not going anywhere.”

Rose rubbed her cheek to his, to soothe him, and then skimmed her lips there, teasing her way to his mouth. With a long, slow sound of pleasure she trailed her hands into his hair and used her lips, her tongue, and her teeth, to seduce him

The past seven years slipped away into forgotten memory as she filled him. The warmth of her body, the cool delight of his transferred from lazy desire to urgent need.

As her mouth became more demanding, she tugged the jacket off his shoulders and raked her nails up the back of his shirt causing him to arch like a cat.

Her fingers were busy with the buttons of his shirt even as he shoved at her tank top.

With a muffled laugh he pulled back, allowing her to drag his shirt off his broad shoulders. “You’re getting ahead of me,” he protested laughingly as he yanked her tank top over her head to throw over his shoulder.

Rose sank her teeth into his shoulder, nibbling at the exquisite lines of his body. “Keep up,” she muttered as her fingers dropped to his trousers.

His blood surged as her hand dipped into forbidden territory and he cursed, long and low in a beautiful language.

Rose giggled into his ear as her nimble hand squeezed him. “You’ve got to tell me what that means.”

“When I can see again,” he gasped and dragged her mouth back to his, devouring her as much as he could.

Rose could feel his dual heartbeats against her chest, matching the pounding beat of her own and she relished the effect that she had over this 900 year old alien who had seen and experienced so much.

The Doctor struggled for control, for a semblance of sanity that could make this last longer, but it had been so long for him and this was Rose. She was unrelenting and didn’t want him to hold back. She wanted to lose control for her, with her, until he could feel nothing else but her—not even the turn of the earth.

The Doctor tugged at her jeans and Rose obligingly lifted her hips as he tugged the mud-streaked denim off her, only to get them stuck on her boots.

He dropped his head to her shoulder again as she muffled sniggers.

“I’m sure I used to be better at this,” he protested as he crawled down her body to tug her boots off.

“I’m not complaining!” she retorted with a dry smirk and made him forget his name as she pulled her bra off.

His jaw dropped as Rose sat in front him, naked as the day she was born, stretching back with a cat-like smile.

“See something you like?” she teased and he swallowed.

“This,” he decided, “is when a respiratory by-pass system comes in handy.”

Rose frowned, wrong-footed. “Why?”

He gave her a wolfish look and spread her legs. “Don’t need to breathe as often.”

Rose’s head dropped back to her pillow and she moaned his name.

There was deep dark well of need inside her that spiralled and increased in waves with every swipe of his tongue. Sensations pounded her, too hard and fast for her to do anything other than to just hold on and enjoy the ride.

“Please!” she begged and he inched his way up her body to drape his weight over her, eyes glinting in amusement.

“Yes?” he arched a brow and Rose rolled—quick as a snake—to reverse their positions.

“My turn,” she said as she stared to play.

His skin was slick with sweat as her hands danced over his body, hard and fast and used her nails and teeth to drive him crazy.

He offered himself to her in every way so that when he finally took over, flipping her back onto her back, Rose knew she’d never have to hear him say the words. She knew.

Rose dragged him to her, wrapping her legs around his back and let him sink into her.

They both gasped out loud and then all words and jokes were lost as they started to move, sliding over each other and shuddering hard with the force of their actions and emotions intertwined.

He cursed, she cried, they caressed and both lost count of the time as the world turned around them until, as one, they detonated into a quivering pile of pleasure.

Still vibrating with pleasure the Doctor attempted to roll off her, but Rose was having none of it.

“Stay,” she wheezed hoarsely and he grinned as he realised that he wasn’t the only one who was knocked breathless.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he vowed and wrapped his arms around her, allowing them both to drift off into contented sleep.
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