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Fic Fires across the universe

Title- Fires across the universe
Author- Faythbrady
Show- Doctor Who. Nine/Rose
Genre- Goof (whole new genre just for me)
Summary- She watches it all burn and he tells her why

Rose stood in the centre of the TARDIS and watched the view screen as the star exploded outwards into the depths of space, flickering lights blazing against her eyes forcing her to blink hard.

When she opened her eyes again all she could see were shards of rocks and pieces of what used to be the War planet of Syris, scattering fragments of light across the blackness.

A dust cloud turned violet and green and spun into the nearby sun, sending fireworks in amazing hues of red and silver dancing across the skies. A pinwheel of gold shot through the centre of the explosion lighting up all the tiny debris and sending more colours twinkling brightly.

It was like a child had thrown a paint pallet onto a black piece of paper and then set fire to it. It was breathtaking in its intensity, wouldn’t happen until somewhere in the seventieth century and she was watching it all happen then and there.

“Wow,” Rose breathed as she watched the kaleidoscope of colour.

“Like it?” the Doctor said, his voice half awe and half anticipation at her reaction.

Rose tilted her head back up at her dearest friend and smiled at his goofy grin. “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

His grin grew and Rose felt a thrill that she could do that to him.

For a man who’d probably seen all that the universe had to offer, for her to able to show it to him again through her eyes was a real gift; a treasure beyond compare and she’d never let him down by becoming jaded and immune to the sights that he showed her.

She’d held his gaze for a second too long and suddenly looked away, back into the heart of the explosion, knowing that he could probably hear her heart beating just that bit faster.

His blue eyes had gleamed with affection and something deeper that she was too scared to identify just yet, no matter how many months they’d spent together. It was just their way—ever since he had grabbed her hand in the basement and led her to the stars she’d known that they had a connection, one that she so very much wanted to explore but couldn’t. She didn’t want to chance the fragile bonds that they had formed and the Doctor was still a mystery to her.

One second he was harsh and sarcastic and the next he was so sweet and soft that Rose was constantly felt bewildered at his mercurial mood changes.

He was vulnerable and vengeful and yet she stayed with him, hoping that her presence was as comforting to him as his was to her.

She could still feel his eyes on her and she searched for a way to take the tension away.

“You do realise that in my time with you I’ve watched about thirty buildings explode and, like, a million governments fall. Then there were fires in nebula… nebulae… nebualii?”

“Nebulae,” he corrected with a grin and she returned it.

“Destructo-boy! Gonna start sticking a Hazard Warning on you.”

“Are you complaining?” he asked incredulously as they saw the pieces of Syris burn brighter, becoming sparkles of blue and red dancing, spiralling across the universe.

“No, it’s beautiful,” she laughed. “Just saying, is all. You like taking me to see things go up in flames.”

She expected him to laugh with her, expected him to get affronted or maybe start sulking but when he said nothing she turned to face him to see him regarding her intently, an uncertain look on his face.


The Doctor stared down at the beautiful girl next to him; saw her concern written all over her face and wondered.

She had a point. With all of the magnificent things in the universe why did he always take her to see flames and explosions? Why did he show her breathtaking awe-inspiring visions of destruction and devastation?

He could have danced with her on the triple moons of Geprey or jumped off the cliffs of Zadok to float above the purple City. They could ski off the coast of Ha’zar or dive in the Sunlight marshes of En-ge’di. They could take in a show on Heth’lon or just sleep on the tranquillity beaches of Be-ro’thath.

Yet he took her to see her world burn, took her across the plasma storm and the ferried her through the Styxian fires.

She wanted to know why he showed her things like this?

In a moment of weakness, of needing her to know he took a deep breath. “You ever see those stupid eighties movies?”

Rose blinked at the abrupt change. “What?”

“You know those daft existential ruminations you apes always like to play. Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink? Talking crap like it means something. Eating beans on toast like it holds the mystery of the universe.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Yeah I ‘spose. Why?”

He dropped her hand and shoved his into his leather pockets, his shoulders hunched like a protection. “Then one of the useless excuses for a hero takes a girl into his room and he’s too daft—like Rickey the Idiot—to tell her what he wants so he puts on this tape… way back before CD’s, and plays her his favourite track.”

“His name’s Mickey,” Rose interjected, “and he only did it once.”

The Doctor snorted derisively. “Knew it. Bet it was something like “I should be so lucky.””

Rose blushed. “I happen to like Kylie, thank you.”

He burst out laughing and she punched his arm, trying to hide her own giggles. “Okay, so what brought that on?”

“Even Time Lords can’t always find the words and I don’t have a tape deck.”


He frowned at her obliviousness and pointed to the screen where the remnants of the star burned away.

“Syris’s collapse is going to cause a supernova in some of the pieces. The surrounding galaxy wouldn’t be strong enough to survive the death of Syris but the supernova will flash it up.”

Rose still looked confused and he sighed. “The supernova causes a burst of radiation that can outshine the entire galaxy before fading. It radiates more energy than the Sun does over 10 billion years, and that’s a lot, Rose. When the supernova goes up the shockwave sweeps the Universe and leaves fragments across the galaxy. Supernovae only happen once every 50 years or so and although they shatter the surrounding area they play the most important part of adding rich materials to the universe for fuel, for life.” He looked away. “Humans do that, burn so brightly but die so young. I watch, Rose, over 900 years old me and I’ve seen friends come and go so many times. It’s sad when they die but they leave trails across the universe. Experience, personality even family. They’re gone but it’s like part of them goes on.”

Tears welled in Rose’s eyes at this unexpected vulnerability. “I’m sorry.”

He glanced at her in surprise. “Why? It’s fantastic!”

She smiled at that and nodded. “Yeah, guess we are.”

They were quiet for a long moment and then he spoke again, so quietly she wasn’t sure she heard him. “Then there’s you.”


“The universe is a big place, Rose, but being next to you. Feeling how brightly you burn…” he struggled with the words before grabbing her hand and turning to look her deep in the eyes. “It’s like when you’re a kid and everyone tells you the universe is growing and you just can’t quite believe it because everything looks like it’s standing still. I can feel it all. The worlds spin and turn and hurtle through space and I can feel us falling through space. The Universe grows and there,” his eyes went dark, “right at the edge of space is nothing, is darkness. It’s cold, Rose, colder than the iciest planets, colder than loneliness and death. We’re all headed towards it and I can feel every single being getting colder, weaker.”

Rose gripped his hands at the devastation in his eyes but said nothing, not wanting to break the spell.

“I’m cold, Rose, so cold. But not when you’re here. With you… I… burn. I can shoot across the galaxy like a stellar fire or pulse like a plasma storm. You make me feel the heat of explosions and I can dance in the flames of collapsing governments.”

Rose swallowed at the intensity in his eyes. “You don’t dance.”

He stroked her cheek. “We do nothing but dance, Rose Tyler. No good with words, me. Never have been. But I can show you. I show you what you are.”

“So, all the things we see,” she said slowly, “that’s how I make you feel?”

“Yeah. That okay?”

“But they’re all dangerous and destructive,” Rose was hesitant. “Things that die, yeah?”

He gripped her shoulders and turned her to face the last twinkles of the fading star. “That star sends energy through this sector and each piece of rock has its own gravitational pull. It drags new pieces of rock to it and they fuse they form new planets. In every death there’s life. Because of you I can save worlds and go on caring about the petty conflicts and stupid humans who get themselves into trouble.”

A tear slipped down her cheek at his words. Beautiful, tragic and comforting.

“Is that okay?” he repeated.

Rose nodded. “Yeah, sort of.”

“Good,” he inhaled. “Enough of this soppiness. Next thing you know we’ll be doing domestic and that is not going to happen on my ship.”

He moved away and began fiddling with the console while Rose watched the dying star.

“So,” he said after a moment. “Fancy seeing the dipping sunset of Ahi’kim?”

He looked up as hurried footsteps reached him and the next thing he knew he had an arm full of Rose Tyler, pressing her lips against his.

In his shock he opened his mouth slightly and that was enough encouragement for her to taste him more thoroughly.

His eyes closed as his arms reached to pull her closer, her soft body fitting against his so perfectly. He inhaled her scent and luxuriated in her sweet lips.

Rose sighed and stepped back, eyes shining as his drifted open.

“What was that for?” he managed.

“For the universe,” she grinned and turned on her heel, heading to her room.

“The universe thanks you,” he whispered and touched his hand to his lips, the feel of her still on them.

He knew he’d relive that moment for the rest of his lives. Her body against his, her heart pounding near his two and the supernovae and exploding stars dancing across his closed eyes as she warmed him through to his heart and burned his soul. 
Tags: doctorwho, fic
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