Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Love and more monsters

Title-  Love and more monsters
Author- Faythbrady
Show- Doctor Who 
Genre- Drama, Missing scene
Summary- Everyone gets angry when someone they love is in danger. It rouses the beast within.
A/n- This started out as a sweet little drabble but when I was listening to Season 3 soundtrack. It went a littlw bit...uh weirder. So I don't mind if you don't like it. So neh.



The Doctor was scared of very few things in his long life; let’s face it, when you have 13 goes at it, very little phases you.

He’d faced off Daleks with a jaunty tune and watched planets explode into pieces with nary a blink.

But right now he can feel something start to bubble up in his stomach.

Rose hangs up the phone, her eyes harder than he can ever remember and her face set.

“Home. Now.” She orders and it never once occurs to him to be upset over her ordering him around. He does as she asks and the TARDIS starts to dematerialise, its visual interface unusually blank as to their destination.

Her normally lively face is hard and mean and he tried to reconcile his sweet Rose with this avenging angel.

He’s seen first hand what Rose can do when the life of someone she cares about is threatened.

She reamed him out the day they met for his callous disregard of Mickey’s melting face and then, later on, she refused to let a civilisation through because of her caring about one Victorian girl. Later still she had moved time and space and changed the universe to save him and now she was descending like the wrath of fury on some unsuspecting human male.

The Doctor may have been the Oncoming Storm but when Rose Tyler got angry even he moved out of the way.

Which was a good thing because he had the idea that, if he didn’t, she’d go right through him.

She marches up to the TARDIS doors waiting until the whoosh of the time rotor stops, her foot tapping and hands clenching as she waits.

The Doctor steps forward tentatively into her file of vision.

“Rose? He asks quietly.

“Are we there yet?” she hisses through clenched teeth.

“Ah no,” he sniffs, “almost but not quite. What’s uh…what’s wrong?”

“I’m going to kill him,” she snaps and he feels a bit like taking a step back at the threat in her voice. On the fringes of his vision—his time vision—he can see a glimmer of light, forgotten but for him and the TARDIS, a light that she shouldn’t still have inside her.

It’s the Bad Wolf and her mistress is angry so her teeth are bared and her head rises up for a fight.

He has to calm Rose down, before she allows the Wolf to take over completely.

“Anyone in particular?”

She glares at him but softens when his face registers hurt, his pain able to take the edge off the Wolf.


“She’s hurt!” Rose snaps. “That wasn’t in the plan. I thought, twenty years, yeah? She didn’t need me anymore, I left for me. But I never thought someone would…not to be taken in so that they could get to us.”

The Doctor nods, still mystified, but glad the fury is gone from her eyes; the Wolf calms.


This was the wrong thing to say.

The Wolf stands again. We will be avenged on hurt.

“I wanted her out of it!” Rose says, her eyes start to blaze again. “I’ll kill him.”

And he knows she could and will.

Death to enemies. All things are dust.

But that kind of senseless violence will destroy Rose—destroy who she is inside and he can’t allow that. 

Even if he has to tie her up and keep her in the TARDIS. If only she let go of her anger long enough, he could help her to see that that isn’t the best way.

His hand grasps her shoulder but she shakes it off, the Wolf in full control.

“Whatever it is Rose, we’ll sort it out.”

We will stop it.

The time rotor stops and he has only seconds to stop Rose from making a mistake that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

He wonders who the man is that Rose wants to kill—no, the man the Bad Wolf wants to kill, wonders how much of a threat he is.

He’ll stop him, if it comes to it. Kill him himself if needs be.

But he can’t allow Rose to do this.

He steps in front of her. “Rose, listen to me. I don’t know what’s going on here but I know that you are angry, angry enough to kill. But that’s not you Rose. You need to calm down or you’ll make a mistake you can’t fix.”

Rose stares up at him, eyes filling. “She’s hurt. He hurt her.”

“And we can make her better”—whoever she is—“but not this way, you have to calm down.” He stares into her eyes. “Please.”

His plea touches the Rose within.
“I--,” she blinks. “I’m not sure I can.” Suddenly she’s as worried as he is. “Doctor, why can’t I calm down?”

The Wolf hasn’t taken over and he sees it dampened by the fear.

“That’s a bed time story for another day,” he hedges. “Let me go out and see this person…assess the damage, okay?”

Rose nods, still thinking about her inner anger. “Okay, don’t let him get away.”

Our prey must die.

The Doctor pats her hand and steps out of the TARDIS.

He looks across the tiny dilapidated street to where a man kneels on the pavement, a look of despair on his face.

He looks average, geeky and gawky even. He doesn’t look the type to have intentionally hurt someone. 

But that doesn’t mean anything. Look at the Doctor.

He has a millennia of torment under his belt.

The man looks up eyes full and hope edging in. This was the man who has hurt Rose so much?

How much a threat is he?

He’s nothing.

The Doctor scowls. “Someone wants a word with you.”

On cue Rose storms out of the TARDIS, eyes murderous, but seemingly stuck as they take in the piteous form in front of her.

The Bad Wolf sees no prey here, just a weak human and it slithers away.

The Doctor nods as Rose takes over.

“You upset my mum!”


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