Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Unfulfilled

Title- Unfulfilled
Author- Faythbrady
Show- Doctor Who
Genre- angstish
Rating- PG
Disclaimer- I own the BBC... and Fox and the NBA. Loaded me.
Summary- A purpose can be realised, altered or unfulfilled 



On the floor of a busy office, dropped just under a huge grey coat, lays a dusty bag. Filled with emotions and resentment, pain and recriminations it lies unnoticed by those who walk around it, lost in their own world.

Eyes pass over it like it’s not even there as it stays in place, untouched, waiting for a special kind of Doctor.

Until one day, a sound causes boots to stomp, a hand to swoop down and grab the bag, yanking it onto broad shoulders and it’s gone.

“Has anyone seen Jack?”

The owner returns weeks later, more weary, burdened by the truth but unencumbered by the bag.

Its purpose is fulfilled and it is forgotten.




On the floor of a sweet little house, in an empty cupboard lays a dusty bag. Filled with trepidation and anticipation, worry and anger, it remains abandoned.

It stays there in the dark, untouched and largely ignored, waiting for a sound that never comes, and a person who is too changed to take the chance.

Until one day a boy opens the cupboard door and looks at the bag.

“Sarah-Jane, what’s in here?”

A woman stares at the bag, memories surfacing on her face and emotion filling her. She touches her surrogate son’s shoulder and smiles.

The bag is unpacked and becomes filled with football boots and school books, lunch bags and apple cores.

Its purpose changes and it is forgotten.




On the floor of a busy office, in a forgotten corner, lays a dusty bag. Filled with pain and separation, memories and longing, it’s discarded amidst an ordered chaos virtually ignored.

It becomes a piece of the furniture; disregarded and overlooked, waiting for the impossible to happen.

No one touches it, or even seems to see until one day a small girl drags attention to the dirty bag on the pristine floor.

“Nanna, what’s in there?”

Almost as if seeing it for the first time, the blonde looks down at her great grand-daughter and smiles.

“My other heart.”

The girl bites her lip. “You got two hearts?”

The blonde, impossibly young, puts the girl’s hand to her chest and the girl’s eye widen as she feels the duel rhythm.


Her question is answered by another smile as she takes the child’s hand and leads her away to tell the story.

It gathers dust; no one opens it or even notices it as the generations fly. It becomes a strange little thing on the Directors floor. Over the decades the world moves on.

But bag is left on the floor where it stays, waiting.

Tags: doctorwho, fanfic
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