Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Future Flirt

Author- Faythbrady
Title- Future Flirt
Show- Doctor Who. Nine/Rose. Ten/ Rose.
Rating- PG
Disclaimer- I have no Claim

Summary- A market place in the future but is that his Rose? Who is she hugging?
A/n- I've been ill recently and my writing just hasnt been up to spec. I was thinking about chucking this oen out, but decided to post it anyway. Sorry it's not my usual standard.  

The market place was a bustling metropolis filled with alien life from every corner of the galaxy. It was the trading centre of the local star systems; a place where all manner of items were bartered and bargained away.

The colours were a fantastical kaleidoscope of every imaginable hue; skin, clothes, precious items and tat, all fighting with the orange sky and purple ground for dominance.

The noise level was astronomical as the barterers tried to sell their wares, competing for trade, and other beings haggled in a myriad of languages, squeaks and screeches.

The Doctor had told Rose that the beautiful space port was one the most sophisticated in this sector, home to some of the most technologically advanced species this side of the universe.

He’d neglected to mention that soap wasn’t one the main exports of this region.

Rose laughed and held the Doctor’s spare handkerchief to her nose.

“It’s all right,” she said as he searched his leather jacket for some smelling salts…or nose plugs. “Smells a bit like an upscale curry house.”

“That’d be the spices,” he offered with a quick grin. “Not everywhere can get paprika, you know. They come here, top up—”

“And spill it?” Rose smiled back. “So what we here for then, Doctor? You out of parsley?”

“More like out of thyme,” he quipped and Rose groaned.

“That was bad!”

“Nah, we’re here to shop, thought you’d like that.”

Rose’s eyes lit up. “What, seriously?”

“No.” He ignored the way she scowled behind him. “The old girl’s dimensional stabilisers need a bit of rejigging, thought we’d stop here to see what we could pick up.”

“You mean pick up some rusty old bits to keep the TARDIS together. Like 99 per cent of it isn’t made up of space junk anyway,” Rose said offhandedly, picking up something vaguely metallic with green rubbery bits on each end.

“Oi!” the Doctor snatched the object off her with mock affront. “A little bit of respect for the TARDIS please.”

Rose looked down, suitably chastened “Sorry.”

He softened. “Besides it’s 75 per cent space junk, 25 per cent pure genius.”

Rose looked up at him and smiled, “So, what are we looking for then?”

“I’ll know it when I see it,” he shot back.

Rose thought for a moment and then smiled slyly. “So, I can’t help?”

“Not really,” he said absently, digging through the debris on the table in front of him.

“In fact I’m probably in the way.”

“Hmm?” He held up a glass…thing to the light and tilted it before throwing it back on the table in disgust.

Rose grinned. “You’d probably be better if I just went away? Did some shopping?”

“Umm, humm,” he grabbed at a circular disc and blew the dust off the edges. He inspected it and then addressed the vender, a man with gills, fins and a big green head shaped like a frog “Is this a mondial extrapolation disc?”

The amphibian shrugged. “If that’s what you want, then that’s what it is.”

“Okay, then,” Rose turned slowly and started to slip away only to have the Doctor grab her wrist, not looking up from his intense scrutiny of the object in his hand.

“Don’t wander far.” He shot her a quick look and she nodded.


He let her hand go and watched her leave with an affectionate smile before turning back to haggle with the marketer.  

The planet was one that was reasonably well known to him and he loved to have a poke around the various tables and was a favourite of some of the vendors. As such he was able to find what he wanted quite quickly, being pointed in the right direction by friends and people who owed him money.

He was also quite comfortable with having Rose wander around on her own, knowing that there was a peace treaty and pact on the planet of non-violence among the traders. At least she couldn’t start a war, but with Rose you never knew. She was not only jeopardy friendly but a rare breed of trouble magnet.

He was just looking around for her, hoping that she hadn’t got herself into some kind of dilemma when he saw a flash of blonde, two rows away and, knowing that blonde was one of the tamer colours on the spectrum around this area, he started towards it.

The Doctor froze when he felt an odd sensation pass over him; it was almost as if it was internal déjà vu.

The blonde spun around and it was, indeed Rose. She seemed to be searching for something—probably him.

No doubt she’d seen something she wanted to buy and was going to tap his pockets.

He grinned indulgently and just watched her for a moment, thinking on the differences Rose had made to his life. It was in that moment that his world turned on its axis.

“Hey!” Rose called affectionately and he stepped forwards thinking she had spotted him, only to have her turn slightly and run into the arms of another man.

He stopped dead and watched in astonishment and no little disappointment as she threw her arms around this other man and hugged him tightly.

It wasn’t just a small hug, it was a full body contact, lining from shoulder to thighs kind of hug and he felt his hearts drop into his shoes.

He knew Rose was a friendly but that kind of friendly could get them into serious trouble.

He ignored the inner voice that quite casually mentioned that it could be jealousy and edged around the nearest booth.

He wasn’t jealous. There was nothing to be jealous about.

Why should he be jealous? It wasn’t like they were an item although there was that underlying tension when he took her hand.

Rose was a 19 year old human and he was 900; not exactly a match made in heaven.

He was maybe perturbed at her casual attitude to other men but he definitely wasn’t jealous.

Rose hadn’t noticed that he was there and that set his teeth on edge. Who did she know on this planet anyway to be hugging them like that?

He sniffed and started towards her, only to dodge behind a satin curtain when she looked his way.

He had no idea why he was hiding. He needed to get closer so that he could stop whatever mischief she was planning on getting them into. If it was even her fault. She didn’t generally go around hugging random people. Maybe she was innocent here.

He needed to find out if this man had put some spell on her or drugged her or controlled her mind.

Those were solid reasons why she would be hugging someone else.

He nodded to himself, satisfied with his reasoning’s.

With a semi-clear conscience he edged around the satin curtain, ignoring the babbling seller and crept closer to Rose and the interloper.

She was chattering away to the skinny man with messy hair and bony wrist as if she had known him for years.

He couldn’t hear a word and if he got too close they’d see him and the element of surprise would be blown.

He glanced around and spotted a fluted fan made from the feathers of the Greater crested Fribble Bird. He threw a coin at the vender and opened the fan pretending to admire the scarlet hued feathers.

The vastness of the fan meant that he could edge closer, comfortable in the knowledge that his face was hidden from her view.

He crept around another booth and was now close enough to hear what she was saying.

“—and it wasn’t as if I was supposed to know that was it?”

She grinned up cheekily at the man and the Doctor felt a pang, she was only supposed to look at him like that.

Rose was supposed to be his companion.

“You, Rose Tyler, are a menace to civilisation,” the man admonished with a sweet smile, reaching over to tweak her nose.

Rose batted at his hand with a roll of her eyes. “And you are a really bad flirt,” she said. “Honestly I don’t know why I put up with you.”

He inched forward, sliding his hands under her elbows to settle on her waist. “Because I’m brilliant.”

Rose rolled her eyes.

“I’m charming,” he moved closer when she just shrugged. “And you adore me.”

Rose sniffed. “Well, I have no taste.”

“Oi!” he said in affront and pulled her close, rubbing his nose against her cheek like a soft caress. “It’s improved since Mr. Mickey.”

The Doctor stilled and frowned as the man ducked and planted a kiss on Rose’s cheek. How did he know about Mickey and who was this man?

Rose rolled her eyes. “Full of it, you are.”

“And you love it,” crooned the man before moving in to kiss Rose deeply.

A proper kiss. A kiss that said he wouldn’t mind dancing all night and into the early hours of the morning.

The Doctor turned away, his face set hard. He pushed away the spikes of jealousy and hurt and folded his arms.

He was annoyed and he swallowed at how easy Rose’s affections were diverted, even though something didn’t ring quite true about the whole thing.

If Rose wanted to act like that with every single bloke she was going to get herself a reputation as the worst space flirt and galaxy bike that ever was ridden across the Milky Way.

In fact she was such a –

“Hey, I was just looking for you.”

—flirt maybe it would have been best to leave her back on Earth—

“What’s that for?”

At least that way she wouldn’t… be standing right in front of him.


He blinked. “What?”

Rose pointed to the bright red fan. “What’s that for? Don’t tell me, it’s a temperature gauge monitor for the TARDIS. A transponderal thingy which must never be touched under any circumstances, yeah?” She poked her tongue out. “Or are you just hot?


Rose was used to him looking oddly at her so she just reached up and fingered the edge of his coat. 

“You know you could just take the leather jacket off. I like the green jumper.”

“Wh—really?” He was intrigued and then shook himself.

Rose was here. Then how could Rose be there? Was it Rose or had he been mistaken?

He peered over his shoulder to where Rose was currently engaged in a very indecent act of public affection.

No, that was definitely Rose.

But he knew that he’d never brought Rose here before and he wouldn’t cross his own time stream. So who was the man, and why was he putting his hand there?

When he didn’t answer her, it dawned on Rose that there was more to this than the usual baffled expressions when it came to her actions.

“Hey? What’s wrong?”

He looked down to see Rose staring up at him, a confused expression on her face.

“I was watching —” he froze, looking from the Rose standing next to him to the Rose currently engaged in tonsil tennis with the skinny man.

Two Roses? That was impossible…unless…

He bit his lip, concentrating on the one in front of him. “Uh, here, I got this for you, because you were so hot.” He handed her the fan and folded his arms feeling very uncomfortable.

Rose smiled as she examined it. “Thanks, it’s gorgeous. What kind of feathers?”

“Greater Crested Fribble Bird.”

Rose blinked. “What, seriously?”

“Yeah, look I’ll take you to their mating grounds if you like.”

“Okay.” Rose beamed. “But I’ve got to show you this, first.”

“Be there in a second,” he said. “Just need to finish up.”

She nodded in agreement and told him where she going before walking away.

As soon as he was sure she wasn’t watching him he turned back to the couple who edged apart, a smile on both faces.

“Blimey!” the other Rose exclaimed. “That was—”

“Steamy? Sweet, sexy? Hot?” the man winked and Rose shook her head.

“Actually I am a bit.”

She reached into hr pocket and pulled a battered fan from her jeans pocket.

“So,” said the skinny man, “ready to go back to the TARDIS?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Rose breathed and tucked her hand into his. “By the way, you forgot one reason, yeah?”

“What was that?”

Rose grinned up at him. “You’re fantastic!”

“Oh, yeah.”

Rose opened the red feathered fan and wafted them both with cooler air as they walked away.

The Doctor looked down as the pieces slotted together nicely.

Huh, that was…odd. His next regeneration who apparently didn’t mind showing him what he was in for.

Rose still had the red fan he’d just given her. In fact if he didn’t know himself better, and he did, he’d have thought he’d planned it as a treat for himself. Well, that was something to look forward to.

He made his way over to where his current Rose was leaning over the market stall looking at some ornaments which changed colour in the sun.

Rose looked up. “Hey, you all right?” Her hair was tucked away from her face and she smile as the blonde tendrils tickled her face.

Funny that, he couldn’t quite remember whether his next self had had ginger hair or not.

But if he had, just think. Skinny, ginger, still being with Rose through his next regeneration and he gets to have his hands on Rose’s bum.

And she liked his green jumper.

He beamed at her, a heart-stopping, knee weakening grin. “Me? I’m fantastic!”

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