Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Fic- Tested

Title- Tested
Prompt- E-Ectoplasm
Doctor- 10/Rose
Author- faythbradyRating- PG13/YT
Genre- Drabble Humour
Disclaimer- I own a shiny new severus snape...which does not belong to RTD or Doctor Who affiliates.
Summary- Alpha-Fic prompts.  Drabble: The danger of ghosts!

Title- Lesson

Prompt- E- Ectoplasm


Rose had bitten her lip through countless off-key renditions of ‘Ghostbusters’, trying not to laugh at his 'Slimer' impression.

She’d ignored his constant derision of Sam and Dean’s insistence on spectral anomalies and suppressed a laugh as the Doctor drooled over Dean’s car.

She’d smothered a yawn at his lengthy explanation that there were no such things as ghosts and hid her smirk as one walked right through him.

But she couldn’t stop the giggles as he jumped and squealed with his hands over his mouth.

“’snot funny!” he yelped. “It’s Ectoplasm, Rose. Ghost juice!”

Rose just grinned. “Maybe that’ll teach you not to lick everything.”

Tags: alphafic, doctorwho, fanfic, fic, prompt
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