Fayth (faythbrady) wrote,

Encroaching Madness 13/20

Title- Encroaching Madness 13/20
Author- Faythbrady
Rating-NC17. Seriously.
Disclaimer- I own nothing you recognise and everything you don't.
Summary-The Doctorhas just done the improbable...will he deny it?
A/n- Sequel to the Darkness Within. With thanks to all who reviewed and my beta reader Gargantua.


Chapter 13


The next morning the Doctor woke to the sight of bright medical lights filtering into his consciousness and Rose nestled against his side still asleep.


He lifted his head to look at her. Her hair was tousled, her lips swollen, and the white sheet was tucked beneath one of her pretty little breasts, baring it to his appreciative sight.


As his eyes traced the slight curve he marvelled at being lucky enough to find out, after 900 years, that he was breast man.


Of course he was also very enticed by the way one of her legs gently entwined with his. He could feel her softly curved belly press against his side, and one of her hands resting in between his double heart-beats. Her breaths were soft and regular and, as his hands drifted over her hip he was delighted with the way she inched closer to him.


Maybe he wasn’t just a breast man, but a Rose man.


That made sense.


He let a smile curve his lips as he watched her for a moment, lingering in his favourite…well, no, second favourite past-time, now.


For a forbidden moment he wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning, every morning, with Rose in his bed. The image haunted, seduced and unsettled him. He pushed it aside.


A little late, remarked a voice inside him.


“I thought you’d rear your ugly head,” he muttered internally, stroking hair away from Rose’s face.


 I was…busy, the voice was a little hesitant and the Doctor felt his lips curve.


“So was I.”


He could feel the wave of anger and jealousy wash over him as his inner self made his feelings known.


This doesn’t change things, I’ll get out and then you’ll have lost Rose forever.


“But I’ll have this,” he murmured softly, letting one hand hover over Rose’s sleep-warm skin. She stirred slightly and he held his breath waiting until she dropped back into pleasant dreams.


The inner voice was silent for a moment and the Doctor was glad. The last thing he wanted was for his first morning with Rose to be ruined by fighting his other self.

And he was honest. Even if his tenth incarnation escaped and took over, even if he was pushed back into his mind or destroyed forever, he’d still know that he had had Rose as his own for one night.


She had completely capitulated to him and they had loved each other in the way that he’d remember forever…or the rest of his life at least.


He’d had her first, before the pretty boy and that gave him more than a small sense of satisfaction.


Mine, he thought with primal pleasure. Rose is all mine.


He curved his arms around her and held tight, like a lion protecting it’s mate, unwilling to let anything come between them now or ever again.



Rose had wondered what it would feel like; the morning after her first time with the Doctor.


She’d wondered if things would be awkward, if he’d pretend it hadn’t happened or he regretted it and spouted off at a million miles an hour whilst avoiding her gaze.


She’d wondered if he’d be nervous and tense or blasé and casual and she wasn’t sure which worried her more.


Any way that he would react would show that their relationship was altered forever and so she opened her eyes with no little trepidation.


The room they’d moved to in the night was warm and cosy in purple and mauve, collections of books and oddments littering every surface.


It was soothing, familiar… and empty.


The Doctor was nowhere to be found and Rose sagged back into the mattress.


Right, so it was avoidance.


She should have expected that; after all that was the way he often handled things, running away and hiding until it was all forgotten. That was the way he had handled Madame De Pompadour’s death and Rose’s pain over that episode. It was how he had handled the Dalek in Iowa and the ‘death’ of Captain Jack.


Avoidance and evasion. It was a childish method of denial; hiding behind his hands and sticking his fingers in his ears.


For the Lord of Time he could sometimes be so damn juvenile.


Rose slammed her hands against the bed and decided that she would, as she always did, follow his lead.


As she made her way to the shower, she tried to lift her heavy heart by telling herself that at least she had had that one night with him.


Even if he did an abrupt 180 and decided that it was all a mistake, at least he had showed her that he loved her that once.


It would have to be enough.


She entered the console room slowly, trying to disguise her feelings as best she could.


He was there, standing by the central column with his green jumper sleeves rolled up and his leather jacket slung over the chair. His wiry frame was turned away from her and Rose bit her lip as she remembered what it was like to run her hands over that deceptively lean body and feel him shudder inside her.


With a smile as fake as the British summer, Rose moved into the control room and cleared her throat.


The Doctor turned his body slightly and held up one finger on a gesture of “wait” and she bristled.


Rose Tyler was not going to damn well be ignored.


If he was frantically back peddling then the least he could do was face her and be a coward. There was no way that she was going to let him get away with anything else, the pathetic excuse for a Time Lo—


Her thoughts were abruptly cut off as the Doctor bounded across the control room and plastered his lips to hers.


Shocked into stillness Rose was swept away by the none too gentle assault on her senses and it wasn’t until his hands reached down to haul her hips against his that her brain caught up with her.


Odd type of avoidance, this.


He pulled away, a fierce expression of satisfaction at her dazed look.


“Morning!” he said brightly. “Sorry about the thing,” he gestured to the console. “Trying to get the TARDIS to let us off Deva Loka. Feels bad about yesterday so she’s being a bit more compliant. Mind you,” he said wolfishly, “if she wanted to ground us, I’m sure we could think of something to do while we wait.”


Rose, to her astonishment, couldn’t help the blush that spread over her cheeks at the lascivious leer he sent her.


He wasn’t avoiding, he wasn’t even pretending that it hadn’t happened or that he regretted it. If anything it was almost how they were before but more so. Friends and more.


Joy stole her breath and Rose hugged him tightly.


He rubbed his hands over her back. “You all right?”


“Oh, yeah!” It was Rose who pulled back this time, happiness sending her bouncing over to the sofa. “Way more than all right. So Doctor, where we off to today?”


The Doctor rubbed his hands. “Figured we might as well drop in and see Jack. Have a bit of lunch.”


Rose beamed at him. “Cheers. Bet he thinks we’ve legged it, again.”


The Doctor sniffed and shrugged. “Yeah, well. Next stop, Torchwood.”



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