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Fic- Crazy over you 2/5

Series Title- Crazy over you 2/5
Chapter 2- Zoe's tale.
Author- faythbrady
Rating- YT
Show/ship- Firefly
Disclaimer- I play with them and put them back dirty.
Summary- After Miranda people are so involved with themselves that they missed out on the drama. Or did they.
A/n It's very hard to write a stoic character. Seriously.

I ain’t one for making excuses, got that kicked outta me before I went off to fight a war, but I figure I had me a pretty good reason for not noticing the new dynamic.

With Wash…

Well. I’m still hoping that one day I can say it and it won’t hurt like someone poured acid in my chest.

What I’m trying to say is that I was somewhat distracted by the new hole in my heart and was too busy breathing and living and getting through one day without falling to my knees and sobbing fit to break a heart. Aside from the fact that it would scare Mal silly, I ain’t ever been one for overly dramatic scenes.

My man always found my stoicism sexy and I just loved hearing him talk.


I miss him all day but it guess it’s worse at night. Worse still when all the rest of the crew are pairing up.

Not saying I begrudge them that, not even Mal, but it’s hard when they have someone to hold and my arms ain’t ever felt emptier.

Our missions ain’t got much safer but we get that not everyone comes back. No one leaves Serenity mad, or not speaking to each other any more.

When Wash first tried courting me I was powerful uncomfortable and was never sure whether to shake his hand or kiss his cheek. I see that in Mal and Inara’s awkward goodbye and damn if it doesn’t yank at the stitches in my heart.

Simon and Kaylee dislike leaving each other. Ain’t hard to tell why.

Away from the couples my eyes fell on Jayne, specifically Jayne helping River into the mule and his hand lingering just that little too long as she settled into her seat.

I guess my first thought was to be reaching for my weapon but something about the way he touched her made me wait. Couldn’t rightly put my finger on it so instead of filling him with hot lead I just watched as Jayne picked up River’s clunky combat boot and handed ‘em to her.

Now everyone knows the Girl hates wearing shoes. It’s a bone of mighty powerful contention between her and Mal. But Jayne was trying to make her put them on. I could tell him that he was wasting his time but he nodded towards her dainty feet with enough menace to stop her instinctive protests.

River pouted at him but he was standing firm. Ain’t no man more obstinate than Jayne when he’s got a mind to and I think she knew it because the little kid just went straight ahead and tied them up

I was about to congratulate him on his ability to handle the kid when Jayne shot a quick look over at Simon, making sure he weren’t watching, before he leaned over and tugged River’s belt into position.

“That too tight?”

River shook her head at his grunt and he handed her some goggles before hauling himself up next to her.

“Put ‘em on,. don’t wanna get dust in those pretty eyes, dong ma?”

Jayne just told River she had pretty eyes.

Huh. Didn't see that coming. Figured on it being unusual. I hauled ass up on the Mule, keeping one eye on the merc and the kid but it was like I dreamed it all.

The moon we were attempting to plunder was dusty and full of lowlifes so it wasn’t really any kind of surprise when we were double-crossed and set upon.

What was a surprise was Jayne standing back to back with River as they defended their loot and his hand pushing her slightly behind him as they faced off with their low down dirty deceiving double-crosser.

The girl could easily beat ‘em all off single handed but Jayne held her slightly behind him like he was scared of her getting shot.

Jane watching out for someone else let alone the moon brain kid was nothing short of mind-blowing. And when the dust settled and River was the first one Jayne’s eyes fell on, well, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I never woulda believed it.

Jayne had gone sweet on the girl.

Course now I’d noticed it I couldn’t help but see all the things I’d missed.

Jayne giving her his own guns, taking her shopping for ammo. Jayne and River sitting in the kitchen cleaning up his girls and talking shop. Jayne checking her safety harness and fitting her knife belt on secure.

Jayne as River’s protector was feng le but there it is.

How had we missed it; how had I missed it? Wash would get such a kick out of it.

Does Jayne knows how deeply he feels for River because, now I’m paying attention, it is clear to me.

Jayne Cobb is crazy over River Tam.
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