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Fic- Crazy over you 3/5

Series Title- Crazy over you 3/5
Chapter 3- Kaylee's story.
Author- faythbrady
Rating- YT
Show/ship- Firefly
Disclaimer- I play with them and put them back dirty.
Summary- After Miranda people are so involved with themselves that they missed out on the drama. Or did they.
A/n Here's hoping my Kaylee is better than my Zoe.

2nd attempt at posting-- what is up with lj??

I coulda just done kicked myself when I finally got me to noticing what was going on. And under my very nose.

Damn if Simon Tam ain’t just got me all turned around and twisty cuz there was no way I wouldn’t have noticed something shiny like that if I didn’t have me my very own swai doctor to distract me.

And he is swai, cute as all hell in a fussy, wanna tear his clothes off kinda way. I swear sometimes he’s just sitting there at the table and I wanna just jump him and eat him up.
But I think maybe the Captain would have something to say about that. Mr. Moody Pants, except now that he has Inara and they’re doing some ‘eating’ of their own, he ain't so Moody at all.

In fact he’s so happy it’s just the shiniest thing ever… almost the shiniest which brings me back to my original point.

Okay, so I gotta stop rattle-pating and just tell ya. Mama always said I could talk ‘round a subject til it’s dizzy and falls on its head. Simon don’t seem to mind none-- and there I go again.

Okay, so here’s what it was. Simon was fixing up the infirmary after our last heist went a little south and he’d told me to get on out and stop distracting him. I couldn’t help it if his prissy little doctor ways make me hot, but I was worried some about Jayne on account of him being all shot up so I hustled outta there and left Simon to clear up the blood stains.

Simon done told me t’weren’t nothing but a graze but we’re all a mite worried after…well, you know.

So any-ways I go out to check on Jayne and he’s in the cargo bay lifting weights. Well, okay he was standing in the cargo bay with weights around his feet and his towel dumped on one side of the weight machine.

Simon had told him to do some light exercises so that his shoulder didn’t seize up so I guessed he was just following orders. Not that Jayne is great at following ‘em but looked like on this occasion he was.

Anyhow I was gonna stick around because Jayne was lifting weights and that was entertainment enough.

What? Just cuz a girl’s bought what she wants don’t mean she can’t window shop. Ain’t no one can take the place of Simon but sweaty Jayne ain’t exactly hard on the hormones, dong ma?

So, he’s standing there in the cargo bay, not seeing me cuz I’m up in the rafters. He stretches his arms above his head and cricks his neck from side to side to warm up and then he starts looking around.

Now I know he didn’t see me come in and he don’t know I’m there so it ain’t me he’s looking for and I’m wondering if mayhap he can feel me watching. Like sometimes him and Zoë can sense when some dirty double-crossers got some shooters up in the hills ready to pounce. I’m guessing that’s what’s up so I’m getting ready to holler out so’s he don’t get all crotchety when he freezes.

I follow his eyes to where little River is sitting against the bulkhead with her drawing pencils scattered over the floor, her pretty dress all over her knees.

I figure Jayne maybe doesn’t want the company but a smirk kinda rides across his features.

Course then I’m worried that he’s gonna be all mean to River. Not that he’s been mean since Miran-- well, you know where. As point of fact he don’t seem to say much to her, but like I said I ain’t exactly been paying attention.

Anyhow he notices her, smirks and then, with a grunt louder than what’s usually called for, picks up one of the weights and pumps it a few times gauging the weight afore settling his self down on the bench.

OK, I hafta admit I was a little distracted here because he sure is easy on the eyes. But then I noticed something. Jayne ain’t even looking to the weights. His eyes seem to be stuck on River drawing across the way.

He grunts a little louder and River glances up from her picture, like she finally noticed the merc across the bay. Jayne looks away and continued lifting his weights and River watches for a while before going back to her drawing

Jayne suddenly puts the weights down and lays back on the bench, pushing up on the bar with another loud grunt. Now I’m not up on that myself but I know Jayne checks the weights so that they ain’t too heavy. Last thing a merc needs is to strain his muscles afore he’s needed on a job. So why he’s being so noisy is kinda beyond me.

Anyhow he’s so loud that River looks up again.

“Man courts possible musculature impairment if iron count is not in balance,” she says.

I ain’t got a clue what she means but Jayne seems to get it right off and he chuckles.

“Ain’t too heavy.”

“Noises indicate otherwise.”

Now I love River like my own sister but she doesn’t ever make any kind of sense, except here she sounds almost like normal. I was so surprised that I almost missed the next part which woulda been a crying shame cuz right then and there Jayne gets to his feet and shrugs saying;

“Guess the shirt is just a little too tight for reps.”

He reaches down and tugs his shirt out of his pants and pulls it over his head showing us both the hottest gorram bare broad chest and gleaming muscles I seen outside a dirty mag.

So now I’m drooling fit to drown but River just nods as Jayne goes back to his work out like he ain’t the sweetest piece of tasty she’s ever seen.

I’m thinking that I need to have a word with Simon about his little mei mei possibly being sly, ‘cepting then Jayne coughs and she looks up again, giving him a small smile.

His smirk turns to a full blown grin as she gets back to her drawing and not twenty seconds later he suddenly makes another noise loud enough so that little River looks up and I get it.

Hot damn! I get it.

Jayne wants River’s attention on his own self. Jayne wants River to watch his pecs and his abs and those cute little muscles that I don’t rightly know the name of but would happily nibble on for hours-- if I didn’t have Simon, of course.

Anyhow Jayne is trying to get River to notice him which means that Jayne likes River.

Jayne Likes River!!!

Except-- and here’s the weird-- Jayne ain’t ever been the subtle type and here he is acting as shy as Bobby-Lee around his first crush; making noises to get her attention instead of grabbing her and kissing on her fit to make her head spin.

So I start to watch and plum plain enough, he ain’t just after some trim. When we hit dirt-side Jayne don’t ever make a fuss about taking us shopping now. He just walks with me and Riv holding shopping and getting the mean scary merc discount.

No man goes shopping unless he’s got a fixed interest in one of the shoppers, hell, I can’t even get Simon to go shopping with me less its for ship parts.

Jayne wants her attention, goes shopping with us, he don’t even bitch when he’s on clean-up duty if he’s with River.

How in the seven Suns have I missed it? I know I’ve been wrapped up in Simon but the heat between these two is like an engine coil in full burn and it shoulda tipped me off.

Jayne and River, now wouldn’t that be the shiniest thing ever? Si and the Cap might not agree straight up but since Jayne is the only available guy around it just makes sense that the two of them would hook up and I’m plain rooting for ’em. I mean deep in the black you gotta take your comfort where ya can and all that.

It’s cute to see the big scary mercenary all in love with the little Reader. But does he know he’s in love or does he think it’s just fun and games?

Well, whatever he thinks I know best cuz it’s a as clear as a strawberry sundae.

Jayne Cobb is crazy over River Tam.
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