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Fic series Seven Deadly Sins. Various pairings

Fic Series- Seven Deadly Sins
Pairings- Draco/Hermione, Wolverine/ Rogue, Max/Alec, Spike/Willow, Jayne/River, Rose/ Doctor, Sheldon/Penny
Shows- HP, XMen, BTVS, Firefly, Doctor Who, TBBT, Dark Angel
Summary- Ah how to describe my little foray into madness. I was bored, I haven't written anything in a while and challenged myself to write the same type of fic for each fandom based on the seven deadly sins. 100 words max. I think I did ok.
Disclaimer- I own nothing but my own twisted psychosis. Or possibly not even that.

100 word drabbles.

Pride. Draco/ Hermione

It's his own fault. He knows it. She knows it. The whole damned school knows it and yet there is nothing he can do about it.

He could have told them all the truth; could have taken her by the hand and ignored the whispers and the sniggers.

But somewhere between the kisses and the tears he turned his back on her, ashamed of bloodlines.

And now she's turning her back on him, standing proudly arm in arm with Harry Bloody Potter.

He's forgotten and it hurts.

But it's his own fault and he knows it.

Greed. Sheldon/ Penny

If she hadn't known better she would've said that he was an only child.

My spot. “Penny, you're sitting in my spot.”

My food. “Penny, that was my onion ring.”

My room. “You can't go into my room. No one goes into my room.”

My milk, my routine. Mine mine mine.

Spoiled rotten. Pampered and pandered to.

“You can borrow more if you like. Pay it back when you can.”

Full of contradictions.

“Penny you're sitting too close to my person. You're on my lap. Penny!”



He can be so giving.

Wrath. Doctor/ Rose

“You're an idiot!”

He's never seen her so angry, eyes flashing, hair streaming behind her; a vengeful goddess.

“What, b-but that's imp--”

“Impossible? God, you are so full of yourself. Sending me away, pushing me away, taking me back. You don't get to make those decisions, Doctor.”

“Rose, I-”

“You went too far and now the universe is pissed at you. I'm here to set things right.”

He finds himself smiling honestly for the first time in decades.

She glowers. “You don't need someone to stop you, you need someone to slap you!”

Lust. Max/ Alec

She tries to ignore it as best she can but Terminal City isn't that big and Alec is everywhere.

She wonders if he has any idea how her palms tingle when he walks in fresh out of the shower. All she wants to do is throw him down on the table in the command center and do things that are probably illegal in twenty states.

It's Heat, she tells herself. I can't help it and won't give in to it.

She wonders who she's kidding as her eyes hungrily trace a droplet sliding down his nape.

He notices.

He smiles.

Gluttony. Jayne/ River.

The man ape gone wrong eats too much. She is forced to steal his bread lest she and the others starve.

The man ape takes up too much space. She is small but she has to make herself smaller still as he stands too close.

The man takes up too much oxygen and is too warm. She finds it hard to breathe when he is near and her palms sweat.

The man with girls name invades her personal space.

The man with mans parts steals her breath with his lips.

Jayne Cobb is too greedy. But River likes him anyway.

Sloth. Spike/ Willow

A lazy night in Sunnydale. On Halloween not even the newest of vampires venture out. It's far too tacky to indulge as humans play dress-up.

Willow and Spike sit on the porch staring as the creatures go by.






“Really? That costume is convincing.”

Spike grins. “Trust me, love. That's fake.”

She swings her legs. “It's weird not to attack. It's second nature to hit something with pointy teeth.”

“Not tonight.” He reaches over and grabs her hand. “Tonight humans are the scariest things out there.”

Envy. Wolverine/ Rogue

It's ridiculous. Completely, totally insane.

The long expanse of green velvet sliding up peach skin.

The slinky black dress that hugs curves he can never touch.

The thigh high boots that send him scurrying for the iciest shower.

His control is supposed to be legendary, despite his explosive temper. But when she's around, it's all he can think about.

All he can do to reach out as she flits past him unaware.

He tells himself that she's too young, that he's too old and too bad.

It's ridiculous to be jealous of a silk scarf.

But he can't help himself.
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