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Fic- The Pilot Pantsing Preoccupation

 Title- The Pilot Pantsing Preoccupation
Author- Faythbrady
Show- The Big Bang Theory
Rating- YT
Pairings- S/P
Disclaimer- I own nothing
Summary- There was a prompt somewhere about taking a  moment from TBBT and making it shippy. Well when I first saw the pilot when Penny hugs Sheldon and Leonard it struck me that he a) didn't grumble and b) immediately tried to hide. Huh. Wonder why.   

Taken from these pics

Sheldon shut the door carefully behind him, trying to ignore the way the woman in the car park did a double take at his and Leonard's lack of attire.

Humiliation was nothing new, he could ride this out.

Leonard bit his lip. “Sheldon, I am so sorry I dragged you into this.”

Sheldon sighed as he looked down at his friend, legs white and face flushed. “It’s okay. It wasn’t my first pantsing, and it won’t be my last.”

“And you were right about my motives, I was hoping to establish a relationship with Penny that might have some day led to sex.”

Sheldon scoffed. “Well you got me out of my pants.”

Sheldon fought the urge to roll his eyes even as a shiver rolled through him. California may be warm but this hallway was not meant to be braved without pants.

Besides he knew exactly what Leonard's motivation had been. It was exactly the same as any of his friends when confronted by a beautiful woman who would actually talk to them; immediately they began to picture her naked and invent ways that they could appear pleasing to her so as to engage in coitus.

It would have infuriated Sheldon had he not known that it was a biological imperative and hardly something that they could control. It was the innermost desire of the species to procreate and, despite being above such things, he could appreciate the urge.

After all it would be a shame if his own version of homo novus were to die out.

Leonard was still talking and so Sheldon tuned back in.

“Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson. She’s out of my league, I’m done with her, I’ve got my work, one day I’ll win the Nobel Prize and then I’ll die alone.”

Sheldon immediately refuted that. “Don’t think like that, you’re not going to die alone.”

Leonard grinned. “Thank you Sheldon, you’re a good friend.”

Sheldon nodded. “And you’re certainly not going to win a Nobel Prize.”

And he had a sneaking suspicion that he hadn't heard the last of their pretty neighbor either. Not that he minded that, she was aesthetically pleasing after all and it did make a change to have someone around who didn't smell of curry and cologne.

Leonard smiled over his shoulder as they reached the door. “Well at least I had my keys in my hand. It would have been embarrassing to have to go back and ask Kurt for them from my pants pocket.”

Sheldon glowered. “Yes, that would have been the embarrassing part of the afternoons events.”

They pushed open the door to see Penny slowly backing away from Wolowitz.

“We're home,” Leonard said unnecessarily.

Penny's jaw dropped as she took in their state. “Oh, my God, what happened?”

Leonard shrugged. “Well, your ex-boyfriend sends his regards and I think the rest is fairly self-explanatory.”

“I’m so sorry, I really thought if you guys went instead of me he wouldn’t be such an ass.” Penny seemed genuinely distraught and it went some way to appeasing Sheldon's distress.

Leonard looked from his hairy knees to Penny and waved his hands dismissively. “No, it was a valid hypothesis.”

Sheldon did a double take. “That was a valid hypothesis? What is happening to you?”

Homo sapiens and their need to mate! He shook his head in disgust.

“Really, thank you so much for going,” Penny rushed forward and threw her arms around Leonard enveloping him in a hug, “and trying.”

She let go of Leonard and turned around. Leonard's arms were still in the air trying hard to recapture the moment but she had moved on.

“You’re, uh, you’re so terrific.”

To Sheldon's horror she wrapped her arms around his middle and squeezed and he was suddenly swamped by the feeling of soft, warm, honey scented female aligned almost perfectly with his body.

As stiff as a white board and more uncomfortable than trying to marry string theory with the loop premise, he tried to pull away, his body screaming 'danger, danger'; every neuron firing randomly at him demanding to know what this soft sensation was that was shooting through his body.

Assets that he knew every female possessed and yet had never held any appeal for him pressed against his comic book t-shirt and Sheldon had a feeling Flash would never be the same again.

He pulled his head back, trying to get away from the silken feeling of her hair against his cheek and her bare legs against his. His heart pounded and he felt like he was suffocating in her.

Just when he thought he could take no more she let her arms go, sliding them against his sides as she pulled away and Sheldon tried to skitter away but she was still holding on to his arm, still had her soft skin pressed against his, her eyes fixed on his face.

His gaze slid down to the edge of her shirt, swearing that he could still feel her chest pressed against his.

He flushed and pulled at his arm.

She stepped back, finally allowing him to breath. Only for Sheldon to realize another problem.

Quickly he cupped his hands in front of him and tried to hide behind Leonard.

Penny stared up at him. “Why don’t you put some clothes on--”

Sheldon stepped further behind Leonard, hiding his reaction to her intense scrutiny.

“--I’ll get my purse and dinner is on me, okay?”

Leonard stepped forward. “Really? Great.”

Swallowing hard as she watched him Sheldon nodded. “Thank you.”

Penny smiled softly and hurried back to her apartment.

Sheldon rubbed his hands over his arms, trying to rid the goosebumps that had formed, obviously since the door opened and the ridiculous wind that passed for air conditioning had affected his skin.

He half turned away from the curious eyes of Wolowitz and Koothrappali, hoping that they couldn't see the evidence that he was, actually, human.

Leonard was staring towards her apartment, his head cocked and a deep sigh on his lips.

For the first time Sheldon could understand the attraction. A beautiful woman had just voluntarily touched him. A beautiful woman who wasn't related to him just held his hand.

“You’re not done with her, are you?” he asked.

Leonard shook his head and said defiantly. “Our babies will be smart and beautiful.”

Sheldon thought of the way Penny had held him for two point eight seconds longer than Leonard, the way she'd held his arm and the intense way she looked up at him afterwards.

Leonard and Penny?

He grinned. “Not to mention imaginary.”
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