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Fic- The Five times Sheldon missed out and the one time he didn't.

Title- The Five times Sheldon missed out and the one time he didn't
Author- faythbrady
Series= The Big Bang Theory
Pairing- S/P
Disclaimer- Do I own anything? I'm pretty sure this hand is mine but it is late.
Summary- The Five times Sheldon missed out and the one time he didn't. Pretty self explanatory really.
A/N- I've never really followed memes or anything but this came into my head as I was walking to work (a hour each way, I have plenty of time)

The five times Sheldon missed out and the one time he didn't.

Sheldon was so busy searching for his keys in his pocket that he almost didn't notice Leonard come to a full stop, staring across the hall.

Sheldon glanced up, expecting to see their neighbor in some fantastical creation complete with feather boa and sequin thong. What he saw instead was a slim blonde unpacking boxes.

“New neighbor?” Leonard said, his voice with a hint of something that made Sheldon's flesh crawl.


Leonard gave a small sigh. “Significant improvement over the old neighbor.”

“Two hundred pound transvestite with a skin condition, yes she is.” Sheldon agreed.

That was accurate inasmuch as she was certainly aesthetically more appealing.

A lot more appealing. Sheldon very seldom had time for other people, least of all women, but that wasn't to say he couldn't tell when he had a perfect specimen in front of him.

Beautiful and curvacious and, even from here, he could tell that she smelled good.

Then she turned to speak to them and Sheldon found himself shying away from the obvious goddess that stood in front of him with a smile that seemed to make the whole hallway brighter.

What followed was a truly awkward conversation with Penny followed by an even more awkward conversation with Leonard.

What was clear however was that Leonard had already settled her into starring his latest fantasy and there was nothing Sheldon could do about it.

After all Leonard had seen her first.


He hadn't really had time to brace for it, even though he'd seen Leonard subjected to the same not ten seconds before.

To be perfectly honest, which Sheldon always was, he'd expected that the girl might pass him by since he wasn't the one who had agreed to go up against the ogre that was Penny's ex boyfriend.

But there she was, throwing her arms around him in gay abandon and subjecting him to his first hug since last year when Meemaw had invited him down for Thanksgiving.

It felt different from when his beloved relative touched him, however. For one thing Penny didn't smell of lavender and cookies. Instead her scent was vanilla and cherries, her hair soft against his chin.

As she wrapped herself around him, her breasts pressing against his chest, Sheldon felt something inside awaken and he tried to move his arms to return the embrace. For the first time he really, really wanted to hug someone in return.

But just like that it was over, Penny was holding onto his arm, smiling brightly and offering to take them all out for dinner.

He had just been that little too late. But he was sure, with Leonard's obsession, that his chance would come again and this time, he wouldn't let go for a long time.


The blonde curl rested on her shoulder, lightly dancing with every movement she made and somehow Sheldon couldn't take his eyes off it.

Her fingers flew over the keyboard as she disemboweled trolls and tried on magic shoes with a glee that brought to mind his own first forays into the online world of gaming. He could see that enthusiasm and total immersion which signaled true obsession. But Sheldon didn't mind because that meant she was no longer crying in a miserable heap in front of her apartment.

Penny was happy, happier than he had seen her in a long time and it made him grin. She glanced at him as she hacked the head off a goblin and trilled as she went up another level.

She did a little shoulder shimmy of victory and that curl bounced against her soft yellow blouse.

Sheldon could not stop staring.

One perfect cylindrical swirl in honey tones that had him captivated. It shone in the mid-day sun, almost glowing.

He wanted so badly to reach out and touch it, to see if it was as soft as it looked. He wondered what Penny would do if he moved the laptop away and thrust his fingers into her silky, luxurious curls.

His fingers itched and he couldn't help but reach up...

-only to change direction and point at the screen as Leonard walked in muttering something about the local wildlife.

Sheldon hurried away from the temptation she placed and the scent that was driving him crazy.

But still his fingers ached for those satiny tresses and he knew he would dream about this tonight. Perhaps it would be best if he forwent pyjamas for the time being.


Sheldon has always kept a tight grip on his emotions, far preferring the clinical certainty of science, but right now he would like to scream.

How could they interfere with his work like this? How could they jeopardize his career?

Sheldon had been hoping to get home, clean up and maybe go over and see Penny; thank her for airing out their apartment and feeding his fish. He imagined she'd be pleased to see him back safely, even enough to give him a hug. He assumed that he deserved it after freezing up there.

But now he was striding across the hall with a very different aim in mind.

Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


He gritted his teeth as he heard Leonard's voice against the door whispering. “Do not make a sound.

Sheldon glared at the wooden door. “Whispering 'do not make a sound' is a sound.”

Leonard sighed. “Damn his Vulcan hearing. Not a good time, Sheldon.”

Ice crawled through his veins, even colder than the Arctic temperature. Why was this not a good time, just what was he doing with Penny?

Bang Bang Bang


Bang Bang Bang


Bang Bang Bang


This time it was her voice right against the frame and his heart sank.

“Oh, this is ridiculous.” She opened up the door and Sheldon saw sunshine for the first time in three months. “What?”

Her face was flushed, her clothes were askew and her lips were swollen.

Leonard peered out from behind her, in similar disarray.

Obviously Penny had succumbed to loneliness and leaped on the first male who appeared at her door.

Leonard evidently prospered from not cleaning up before paying house calls.

Ten minutes. All he had needed was ten minutes and he'd have been...

Sheldon set his jaw and turned on her. “Hello, Penny. I realize you’re currently at the mercy of your primitive biological urges, but as you have an entire lifetime of poor decisions ahead of you, may I interrupt this one?”


Sheldon stopped dead in the kitchen, staring in disbelief. He rubbed his eyes but no, he wasn't dreaming.

Penny was there. In his kitchen. Dancing.

Her hair in a messy bun and her long legs bare, she shimmied her shoulders as she made french toast.

Since Leonard and Penny had started their doomed relationship, seeing Penny is various states of disarray was becoming second nature and he was now able to hide his interest behind a mask of rudeness and disapproval.

But this was something new because she was shaking her hips and wriggling her butt in his shirt.

His shirt.

It was an old one, granted, one he used for messy lab experiments and housework. It had been folded up in the bathroom cabinet ready to be pressed into service and now it was pressed against the lithe body of his next door neighbor.

He'd never wanted to be a piece of fabric so much in his life

He pushed the thought away.

She was Leonard's girlfriend and off limits. That had become his mantra in past weeks. She was Leonard's girlfriend and off limits.

If he kept repeating it, one day it would sink in.

She turned and saw him, a bright smile flitting over her face.

“Morning, Sheldon. Come dance with me.” She waggled her eyebrows.

Dance with her? Curve his arms around her sleep-warm body and drop his chin into the little dip between her nape and her collar bone? Lean over until he completely encompassed her and sway her in his arms? Twirl her? Hold her?

Sheldon swallowed. “No.”

Penny pouted playfully. “Why not?”

Because he wanted it too much.

She was Leonard's girlfriend and off limits.

But he could, no one would ever know.

Except he could hear Leonard getting out of bed.

“Penny, while I subscribe to the many worlds theory which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldons in an infinite number of universes, I assure you that in none of them am I dancing.”

Maybe next time.


The four of them sit against the wall dressed in their finest, watching as Leonard gets up to dance with Leslie Winkle. The two awkward scientists shuffle like pygmy's in mating season and Howard remarks how ridiculous Penny would have looked, towering over Leonard in those heels.

She can laugh even though its only been a week since that final kiss. She knew that they were not in it for the long haul and Sheldon knows that she is still waiting for him to say 'I told you so.'

This time he won't, he has more important things on his mind.

His fingers drum on the underside of his chair as he tries to muster up boldness and channel his favorite heroes courage.

I am the Flash he thinks, I am Green Lantern, I am Robin, I am Batman

“Well, I don't know about you guys,” Penny says, “but I wanna feel my feet boogie.”

Several of the chemistry department are watching her with anticipation, waiting to make their move.

I am going to miss again

Penny gets to her feet and Sheldon's heart misses a beat.

He surges to his own feet and grabs her wrist.

Penny looks down to where his skin is touching hers. “Problem, sweetie?”

She meets his eyes.

He has to clear his throat twice before he can answer, her emerald eyes staring through him. “May I have this one?”

Penny's smile is soft and gentle. “But you don't dance.”

I'm Batman

“I dance with you.”

Their eyes lock and what's etched in his hungry gaze steals her breath; the skin beneath her hand tingles and she wonders where this is coming from.

Sheldon could tell her as he takes her into his arms, he could tell her that its always been there. He could tell her that it'll only get better and worse and so much more powerful. He could tell her that they've only just begun, but he's too busy feeling.

He pulls her against him and feels her gasp and he just smiles.

Because this time he didn't miss.

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