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Fic- Whatever it takes 27

Title- Whatever it takes 27
Author- Faythbrady
Genre- Epic brain-crushing novel-sized drama
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Rating- this part NC17
Disclaimer- I own part shares in Sylar's soul.
Summary- In this part things get hot and heavy. No plot advancement so if you are too young and onnocent, feel free to skip you miss nothing. Basically- they done sex.

they done sexCollapse )

I've just discovered that on 22nd November it will be 10 years since I started posting fanfiction. I've been tapping away writing stories for various fandoms for TEN YEARS! One third of my life.I'm not sure whether to be proud or disppointed that I haven't published anything.

And thinking about it there were 10 fandoms that I was active in during this time:
Dark Angel
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Big Bang Theory

Ten fandoms, ten years.  I have to do something to mark the occasion.
Ten years!!!! Madness.

Fic- Tomato

Title- Tomato
Author- Faythbrady
Ship/Show- Harry Potter, Hermione/Draco
Rating- YT
Genre- Fluff
Disclaimer- All is owned by She-who-must-not-be-named
Summary- The War started, oddly enough, with a tomato.
A/N- With major props to my beta Velvetwhip.


fruitCollapse )

Fic- Whatever it takes 26

Title- Whatever it takes 26
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Rating- NC17-Serious Ickyness ahead
Disclaimer- I'd buy the rights. How much for Sylar?
Summary- So Claire saved herself from Ryan. Right?
I haven't updated in a while.... that is all.

Chapter contains material that might squick some. Be warned. 

are you sure you wanna see it?Collapse )

Quibbler Fantastico

Title- Quibbler Fantastico
Author- Faythbrady
Genre- Humor
Rating- PG13
Shows- Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Torchwood, Labyrinth, Dollhouse, Merlin, Once upon a time, Firefly, Xmen, Doctor Who, Heroes.
Ships- Guess.
Summary- The Quibbler Online has a new problems page headed by none other than Miss Kitty Fantastico. 

QuibblerCollapse )


Fic- Faith and Madness

Title- Faith and Madness
Author- faythbrady

Show: New Who
Story Title: Faith and madness
Character/Relationships: Lucy/ Harry/Master, Doctor/Rose
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 993

CHALLENGE 4: "But I rather like hope. Hope's a good emotion."

Faith and madnessCollapse )

Fic- Raining

Title- Raining
Show/ Ship- Doctor Who. Rose/Alt!Ten
Genre- Angst
Rating- YT
Disclaimer- If I owned it things would have been very different
Summary- Rose has some things to say.
A/N- With thanx to Gabrielle by kick-ass-er and beta. Love you!

Rose TylerCollapse )

Fic- Whatever it takes 25

Title- Whatever it takes 25
Author- Faythbrady
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Disclaimer- Yatta! All mine except you know- not.
Summary- A brief interlude before stuff.- sorry today is an off day as far as summaries go.

chapter 25Collapse )

Fic- Butterflies

Lord it has literally been an age since I posted any Spillow fic. Like a million years at least and I have no idea what sites are even ongoing or where to post these things now so I guess this might just stay here and on fanfiction.net for the time being. Anyhow thanks to my coach and crutch Gabrielle for teh prompt and teh push- adoration in all it's forms are for you.

Title- Butterflies
Show/Ship- Buffy. Spike/Willow
Rating- YT for language
Disclaimer- As always Joss is boss.
Summary- Spike isn't feeling so good but Vampire's don't get sick. Right?

butterfliesCollapse )

Fic- Night Shift

Title: Night Shift
Author- Fayth
Show/Ship- Firefly, Jayne/River
Rating- YT
Disclaimer- Joss is boss
Summary- Jayne sits and thinks on life's mysteries.
A/N- Chips and cheers to my awesome frister and prompter and ass-kicker Gabrielle- much love and cookies.

Night ShiftCollapse )