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Hey all, It has been a  while since I have been on LJ to post, mainly because i've been lost in teh world of Pintrest and Ao3. But I'm back with several fic recommendations.

First up I've been immersed in the Sherlock fandom recently, especially Sherlolly- Sherlock/ Molly Hooper because they are just so damned cute. I'm not a Johnlock fan and I think the shipping war between the two is ridiculous.
There are some amazing stories and so here are a few:

The Full House by Emcee Frodis
In this one Molly helps Sherlock fake his death and then he stays with her whilst trying to bring down Moriarty's network. Very brilliantly written, excellent characterisations. Although Chapter 31 made me tear up. Well worth it.

Sustain or Concerto for the Famished in D minor by MaybeAmanda
Molly decides that she wants a baby and Sherlock, eager not to lose his pathologist, offers to help. Not Romantic to start with but heads that way. Not very Bamf Molly but damn it gets your heart strings. Slow road to love and Sherlock with the baby is Ovaries!exploding.

The Pirate and the Doctor by Petra Todd
I must have read the fic about ten times already. Basically Sherlock is a pirate set back in Victorian times. Molly is an assistant to her father the pathologist, only doing all of the work.  Sherlock kidnaps her in order for her to do some work for him and suddenly they are on the run from the East India Trading company. It's fantastic and detailed and I can;t express how much I love it.

Finally a shout out to my little brother (Havok) who has written a fic called John Grey which is a non-ship Harry Potter story. He hasn't posted it anywhere because he is somewhat shy but OH. GOOD. LORD. It's long, its well written, it turns the world on its head and the characters are just excellent.
Starting from book one, what happened if the Dursleys were just that little bit meaner, what happened if Harry Potter had an 'accident' before being allowed to Hogwarts. What if he became someone quite different?
If anyone wants to read this frankly amazing story, please email me and I'll send you the attachment because it is seriously long but oh so worth it. Havok really has made it his own and I am so proud of my little brother. 

Fic- Whatever it takes 28

Title- Whatever it takes 28
Author- Me
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Rating- M
Disclaimer- I own chips. that is all.
Summary- Why can;t things always go right?
A/N- This is for the reviewer who asked if Claire knew about certain murders of Sylar's. If that person is still reading- thanks for the plot bunny. Here's virtual cake.

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Fic- Whatever it takes 27

Title- Whatever it takes 27
Author- Faythbrady
Genre- Epic brain-crushing novel-sized drama
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Rating- this part NC17
Disclaimer- I own part shares in Sylar's soul.
Summary- In this part things get hot and heavy. No plot advancement so if you are too young and onnocent, feel free to skip you miss nothing. Basically- they done sex.

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Fic- Whatever it takes 26

Title- Whatever it takes 26
Show/Ship- Heroes, Claire/Sylar
Rating- NC17-Serious Ickyness ahead
Disclaimer- I'd buy the rights. How much for Sylar?
Summary- So Claire saved herself from Ryan. Right?
I haven't updated in a while.... that is all.

Chapter contains material that might squick some. Be warned. 

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Quibbler Fantastico

Title- Quibbler Fantastico
Author- Faythbrady
Genre- Humor
Rating- PG13
Shows- Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Torchwood, Labyrinth, Dollhouse, Merlin, Once upon a time, Firefly, Xmen, Doctor Who, Heroes.
Ships- Guess.
Summary- The Quibbler Online has a new problems page headed by none other than Miss Kitty Fantastico. 

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Fic- Raining

Title- Raining
Show/ Ship- Doctor Who. Rose/Alt!Ten
Genre- Angst
Rating- YT
Disclaimer- If I owned it things would have been very different
Summary- Rose has some things to say.
A/N- With thanx to Gabrielle by kick-ass-er and beta. Love you!

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